Watch This Hilarious Never-Before-Seen Clip From 'The Office'

Molly Houghton

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Calling on all our Dunder Mifflin fans! Ahead of the hit series' release on Peacock, the streaming site revealed never-before-seen content from The Office. The hilarious clip features the one and only Michael Scott, played by Steve Carell and if you're a fan of the show like us, well, we've never felt more cheated.

B.J. Novak, The Office
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In the previously unseen clip, Scott and Ryan Howard, played by B.J. Novak, are speaking to students at what is likely the former temp's business school. While the scene did in fact happen, this little moment seemed to have been left out. The regional manager shares some of his business insights in, well, classic Michael Scott fashion.

When one of the students asks Michael about "the public relations challenges facing an industry that pollutes the environment while destroying trees," the unconventional manager explains that Dunder Mifflin is "a very green company." So how exactly does the paper-printing industry keep it eco-friendly?

The Office Peacock Release
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"Well, for one, our company is a very green company," Michael says. "We use all recyclable toilet paper. Which, if you've ever met some of our employees, is a huge, huge savings. This woman named Phylis and Kevin in particular, Kevin uses our recyclable toilet paper all too often."

The Office, never-before-seen clip
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But that's not all, as Dunder Mifflin is also a big fan of renewable energy. "Frankly, we do cut down trees, but trees are a renewable resource," Scott insists. "Which is something you can't say about oil. Oil just doesn't grow on trees." That's right, Michael, it does not.

Jenna Fischer, The Office
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Lucky for us, that's only a small peek into what's coming next. On January 1, 2021, all original episodes of The Office will be streaming on Peacock. The site will also release more never-before-seen footage and deleted scenes. Perhaps we'll get a look at that alternate Season 3 ending Jenna Fischer discussed? Fingers crossed!