What To Expect From Trevor Noah’s Netflix Special


| LAST UPDATE 11/18/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Trevor Noah netflix special
Dave Kotinsky for The ONE Campaign via Getty Images

Trevor Noah has recently announced his latest comedy project. Not only that, but this is Noah's return to Netflix. After careful consideration, it has been made clear the South African comedian is onto bigger and better things. Here's what to expect.

Recently, Noah resigned from his host position on The Daily Show after seven years. His long-lasting role was loved by devoted fans as he tackled breaking news through the heart of humor. Now, the pieces are falling into place after his latest unveil. From now on, Wednesday nights are one to be reckoned with. So, grab your best snacks and tune in to Trevor Noah: I Wish You WouldOnly on Netflix. The comedy special is filmed at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, offering thousands of seating opportunities. Directed by David Paul Meyer, the special will see Noah himself as Executive Producer along with Bob Bain, Norm Aladjem, Derek Van Pelt, and Sanaz Yamin from Day Zero Productions. The 38-year-old has involved himself in a collection of side roles in productions, from Griot in Black Panther, Totatsi in Coming 2 America, and a series of Netflix and other comedy-related shows. Though he adorned Comedy Central's weekly late-nights, he is only moving onto something bigger and better, with the single spotlight he deserves. As Vulture commended the Comedy Central alumn, "Noah cited more freedom to perform stand-up all over the world." 

Trevor Noah Netflix Comedy
Brad Barket for Comedy Central via Getty Images
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Considering his departure from The Daily Show was within the last couple of months, it is evident Noah wasted no time in creating his next comedian chapter. The comedy special will be a stand-up showcase, getting gags out of audience members through the unmatched power of politics. At least he is trying to remain in "Daily Show mode," as the trailer gives glimpses of various politician impressions. Classic. Aside from Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton impersonations, according to the Netflix press release, the comedy feature will further tackle "learning to speak German, modern communication, and his love for curry." Because why not? There are simply no boundaries when it comes to comedy, and let's be honest, if you have a flare for humor, there's a chance you'll probably get away with almost anything. Noah teased fans with an Instagram post, revealing the official Netflix trailer - and followers were quick to applaud him!

After Noah addressed reasons as to why he left The Daily Show on Jimmy Fallon's talk show, we can only hope the Comedy Central team is wishing him the best. Or, they're simply regretting the decision of ever letting him slip away. Here comes Trevor Noah, breaking through comedy one joke at a time. Be sure to tune in on November 22nd!

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