Netflix Drops Trailer for Season 2 of 'Gentefied'


| LAST UPDATE 10/15/2021

By Kayla Black
gentefied season 2 release
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After way too long of a wait, Netflix has finally dropped a trailer for the highly anticipated second season of Gentefied! And based on what we've seen, this new season will definitely be worth the wait.

gentefied second season
Randy Shropshire / Stringer via Getty Images

For those who blasted through the first ten episodes of season one, the finale wrapped up, leaving us wanting more. With the fate of Pop left up in the air after being taken away by ICE agents and the birth of Erik and Lidia's baby, there was more than enough going on in the Morales gang. But after more than half a year since season one, America Ferrera and the rest of the creative team have given the people what they wanted and dropped a trailer for the upcoming second installment.

upcoming netflix releases gentefied
Randy Shropshire / Stringer via Getty Images

The preview starts with an introduction to a new addition to the cast, Melinna Barragan (played by Melinna Bobadilla), who joins the plot as a nonprofit lawyer who appears to be discussing Pop's status in the United States. And despite the tense nature of his uncertain future, Pop, who's played by Joaquín Cosío, can't help but crack his typical deadpan humor, yelling, "I'm about to hit you upside the head, cabrón!" as his Erik Morales (played by Joseph Julian Soria) tries to correct his choice of words from "illegal" to "undocumented."

The short preview also reveals that Pop's trial will be a key plotline in the upcoming series. Throw in some new love interests and estranged family members, and the Molares family has an entertaining new slot of episodes lined up for us.

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After just one day, the trailer raked in over 25,000 views on YouTube and over 30,000 on the show's Instagram profile. The post received major love from the fans, who couldn't be more excited for the November 10th season premiere. "Can't wait!!!! Best show!!!!" one user wrote, with others planning a season 1 binge to get ready for the new episodes.

Consider our calendars set - and until November 10th, you can find us playing this trailer on repeat. Be sure to check back soon for more comedy releases coming your way!