Nicole Kidman & More: 29+ Top Paid Actresses, Ranked


| LAST UPDATE 02/28/2023

By Conner Goodman

With their incredible acting skills and remarkable performances, perhaps it comes as no surprise that these stars are making the big bucks. Here's a list of the top-earning actresses, ranked by net worth.

40. Viola Davis: $25M

Over the years, this Hollywood icon has managed to win an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Tony Award. So we're not too surprised that Viola Davis is one of the top-paid actresses out in Hollywood.

viola davis richest actressesviola davis richest actresses
David Lee/Paramount/Kobal via Shutterstock

The Fences star has brought in an estimate of $15 million dollars a year, based on reports from Celebrity Net Worth. Davis's estimated net worth has been said to be $25 million dollars, which has helped fund the star's extravagant multi-million dollar home in Toluca Lake, Los Angles.

39. Elisabeth Moss: $30M

Believe it or not, it's been said that this actress has brought home nearly $1 million dollars a week! Okay... maybe not every week of the year, but when a new season of The Handmaid's Tale premiers, Elisabeth Moss receives a hefty amount of cash for each episode.

elisabeth moss net worthelisabeth moss net worth
Abbott Genser Kgb Media/Kobal via Shutterstock

But it seems like this star is used to earning large sums for every episode she acts in. In Mad Men, Moss was making roughly $75,000 per episode when the show was at its pinnacle of success. Thanks to her various roles and talented skills, Celebrity Net Worth has reported that she's racked up a net worth of $30 million dollars,

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38. Gal Gadot: $30M

It didn't take long for this star's name to be known by millions of people, and she became one of the highest-earning actresses. She's been valued at $30 million dollars by Celebrity Net Worth. Gal Gadot's first made headlines after appearing as Wonder Woman in the film Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in 2016.

gal gadot richest actressesgal gadot richest actresses

For her first Wonder Women film, she was given $300,000 dollars, but as the franchise gained more attention, Gadot's paychecks became much larger. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she was offered $10 million dollars for any Wonder Woman appearances. They also reported her recent movie Red Notice earned her $20 million dollars.

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37. Emma Stone: $40M

Back in 2017, Emma Stone was lucky enough to be named the world's highest-paid actress. And although that spot is currently taken by someone else, she has continued to make millions. The infamous movie La La Land made over $440 million dollars at the box office, so it's clear that the lead role of the film had a huge payday.

emma stone richest actressesemma stone richest actresses
Disney+/Moviestore via Shutterstock

It's been said that recently Stone's largest payday was made off her role in the movie Cruella. Numerous sources have claimed that the Hollywood icon earned around $8 million dollars, and she's set to be given $10 million for the sequel. Altogether she has a net worth of $40 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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36. Margot Robbie: $40M

Ever since starring in The Wolf of Wall Street with fellow A-list actor Leonardo DiCaprio, this actress has been landing major roles and bringing home the big bucks. Margot Robbie has been valued at roughly $40 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

margot robbie net worthmargot robbie net worth
Warner Bros/Moviestore via Shutterstock

As Variety revealed, a large chunk of that dough came from Birds of Prey, where she was allegedly paid somewhere around $9 to $10 million dollars for portraying the character, Harley Quinn. The blonde bombshell has used her fortune to not only purchase herself a home, but also her mom - and even her sister!

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35. Kristen Bell: $40M

Fans of Gossip Girl are familiar with the anonymous online gossiper, but what they may not know is that the iconic "xoxo" was voiced by none other than Kristen Bell. Yup, this star has also experimented with voice acting. And we totally get why after learning that she made $125,000 per episode - according to several sources.

kristen bell richest actresseskristen bell richest actresses
Apatow Productions/Kobal via Shutterstock

We can't imagine how much Bell received for her full-faced roles on films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall or Veronica Mars. But we're gonna guess a lot, considering the fact that she's valued at $40 million dollars by Celebrity Net Worth - which puts her on the map as one of the highest-paid actresses!

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34. Elizabeth Banks: $50M

It comes as no surprise that this versatile Hollywood star has racked up millions of dollars over the years, making her one of the highest-paid stars. From Pitch Perfect to The 40-year-Old Virgin and even the Hunger Games franchise, Elizabeth Bank has appeared in numerous films.

elizabeth banks richest actresseselizabeth banks richest actresses
Lionsgate/Kobal via Shutterstock

It has been reported by Celebrity Net Worth that Banks has a high net worth of nearly $50 million dollars! This has helped pay for her luxurious custom-built mansion in Sherman Oaks, California, that's been said to be worth at least $6.85 million dollars.

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33. Helena Bonham Carter: $60M

Whether it was for the big screen or the small ones, after working on more than 100 various projects throughout her career, it comes as no surprise that Helena Bonham Carter has made a lot of dough over the years. From Sweeney Todd to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, this star has made a name for herself in the industry.

helena bonham carter salaryhelena bonham carter salary
Jonathan Olley/Walt Disney Pictures/Kobal via Shutterstock

But some of the biggest paydays came from her part on Cinderella, which made roughly $550 million dollars at the box office. And then there was her role in the Harry Potter films, which of course, received billions of dollars. Altogether the actress has been valued at $60 million dollars, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth.

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32. Amy Adams: $60M

Believe it or not, Amy Adams was once performing at dinner parties all around the country. That was until she landed a role on Drop Dead Gorgeous with Kristen Dunst and Kristie Alley, who convinced Adams to follow her dreams and make it in Hollywood.

amy adams richest actressesamy adams richest actresses
Moviestore via Shutterstock

Luckily for her, she found success in Los Angeles, and soon enough, she was landing roles left and right. From Catch Me If You Can to Enchanted, all the parts that Adams has played have contributed to her large net worth. She is estimated to be worth $60 million dollars by Celebrity Net Worth.

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31. Mila Kunis: $75M

Mila Kunis's career began when she was 14 years old and cast to play Jackie on That 70's Show. From there, the Hollywood bombshell made her way into the movie industry, and of course, she was successful. But it wasn't until her next TV role that Kunis received the large paychecks.

mila kunis richest actressesmila kunis richest actresses
Apatow Productions/Kobal via Shutterstock

When she first voiced Meg from Family Guy, Kunis was allegedly making $100,000 per episode. But now, that same salary has been reported to be $225,000 dollars. Factor in the money she made starring in Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Black Swan, and it makes sense why Celebrity Net Worth has valued her at $75 million dollars.

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30. Anne Hathaway: $80M

Anne Hathaway's phenomenal acting skills have not only helped her land numerous roles but have also made her one of the most sought-after Hollywood actresses. To get this star to appear in a movie, directors should be prepared to pay her the big bucks.

anne hathaway net worthanne hathaway net worth
Moviestore via Shutterstock

In 2012, Hathway was paid a whopping $7.5 million for her role in Dark Knight Rises. And the large salaries kept coming because that same year, she made $10 million dollars for her performance on Les Miserables. In total, Hathway has raked up a net worth of $80 million dollars, based on reports from Celebrity Net Worth.

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29. Emily Blunt: $80M

Anne Hathaway and Meryl Streep weren't the only ones that made the movie The Devil's Wear Prada an iconic one. After her impressionable performance, Emily Blunt's acting career soared... and so did her bank account. Today Blunt's one of the highest-paid actresses.

emily blunt richest actressesemily blunt richest actresses
Jonny Cournoyer/Paramount/Kobal via Shutterstock

Since her breakthrough role, Blunt has appeared in many films like Mary Poppins Returns and A Quiet Place. All her hard work has given the Hollywood star a net worth of $80 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth. At least $22 million of that was made apparently between 2019 and 2020. How impressive!

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28. Ellen Pompeo: $80M

While many beloved characters have come and gone, there has been one constant in the show Grey's Anatomy. Ellen Pompeo has been in every season since 2005. She has earned an impressive $550,000 for each episode, along with royalties, revenue, and syndications. But despite her large income from the show, she wishes it would end.

ellen pompeo richest actressesellen pompeo richest actresses
Abc-Tv/Kobal via Shutterstock

"I've been trying to focus on convincing everybody that it should end," the actress confessed. "I feel like I'm the super naive one who keeps saying, 'But what's the story going to be, what story are we going to tell?' And everyone's like, 'Who cares, Ellen? It makes a gazillion dollars.'"

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27. Emma Watson: $85M

Even when Emma Watson was still in her teenage years, her bank account was already in the millions. Due to the mass success of the Harry Potter franchise, the young actress quickly became a high-earning star. "By the third or fourth film, the money was starting to get serious," Watson recalled to Vogue.

net worth emma watsonnet worth emma watson
Moviestore via Shutterstock

"I had no idea. I felt sick, very emotional," she confessed. But, we're gonna go ahead and assume that Watson has gotten used to seeing big numbers in her bank account because she was given $15 million dollars for playing Belle in Beauty and the Beast. Together she's valued at $85 million dollars, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

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26. Halle Berry: $90M

According to Celebrity Net Worth, this infamous star is worth $90 million, making her one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood. Since the 1990's Halle Berry has starred in many successful films, including Executive Decision, which allegedly brought $1 million dollars into her bank account.

halle berry richest actresseshalle berry richest actresses
Warner Bros/Dc Comics/Kobal via Shutterstock

But that was nothing compared to the $4 million dollars she reportedly made from the James Bond film, Die Another Day. Or even the $6 million she earned on her performance on Gothika! Yet still, Berry's largest salary was for her iconic role as Catwomen, for which she received a whopping $14 million dollars.

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25. Natalie Portman: $90M

Natalie Portman made headlines after her performance in Leon: The Professional in 1994. The French action movie made $46 million dollars at the box office. So it's safe to say that since the start of her career, the actress has landed roles that bring in the big bucks.

natalie portman richest actressesnatalie portman richest actresses
S Branchu/20th Century Fox/Kobal via Shutterstock

From Star Wars, No Strings Attached, Black Swan, and Thor, Portman has undoubtedly never failed to amaze us with her acting skills. It's no wonder she's made millions as a Hollywood star. According to reports by Celebrity Net Worth, she is estimated to have a net worth of $90 million dollars.

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24. Melissa McCarthy: $90M

Believe it or not, before accepting the role of Sookie on Gilmore Girls, Melissa McCarthy was about to completely give up on acting, she admitted to Howard Stern in 2014. But luckily for us (and her bank account), she chose to stay. And ever since, the Hollywood star has raked up many roles and many millions.

Melissa McCarthy movie careerMelissa McCarthy movie career
Larry D Horricks/20th Century Fox/Kobal via Shutterstock

From Nine Perfect Strangers to Bridesmaid, McCarthy is far from lacking talent. Not only have her roles made us crack up, but they've also made us emotional. Her mass success in the industry has made the actress one of the highest-paid stars. Today her net worth is estimated to be $90 million dollars, per Celebrity Net Worth.

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23. Cate Blanchett: $95M

Cate Blanchett may have a net worth of $95 million dollars, per Celebrity Net Worth, but it took more than hard work and exceptional talent for her to become a high-paid actress in the industry. Women in Hollywood need to stand their ground when it comes to being paid fairly, and this icon is not afraid to speak up.

cate blanchett richest actressescate blanchett richest actresses
Alessio Botticelli / Contributor via Getty Images

"It's always seen as, 'Well, you're famous. You've got the opportunity to do this, and now you're being greedy to talk about money.' But you're not," Cate assured. "You're talking about really practical things such as residuals, producing credits, insurance. In the end, you're actually talking about status. And status opens doors."

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22. Kaley Cuoco: $100M

Kaley Cuoco can thank The Big Bang Theory for her impressive net worth of $100 million dollars, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. For every episode that was on between seasons 11 and 12 of the sitcom, the actress allegedly brought home $1 million dollars! And by the end of the two seasons, she made $48 million.

kaley cuoco net worthkaley cuoco net worth
IMDb - The Big Bang Theory (2007) via Warner Bros. Television

"After we'd walk outside in disbelief, and we would cry," Kaley shared of her and co-star Johnny Galecki's salary talks while on the sitcom. "We would have these long late-night conversations where we would be bawling because he and I both knew this would never happen again because it won't."

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21. Jessica Alba: $100M

Since the age of 11, Jessica Alba has shown incredible talent. After winning an acting competition, the young star started working with an agent. And ever since, both her career and her bank account soared. In 2000 she had her hit role on the series Dark Angel. But it wasn't until the film Honey that she truly made it big.

jessica alba richest actressesjessica alba richest actresses
Rico Torres/Twentieth Century Fox/Kobal via Shutterstock

She made $1 million for the successful film Fantastic Four - and from there, it continued to go up. Today, Alba has welcomed a net worth of $100 million dollars, per Celebrity Net Worth. The actress also focuses on running her wellness and lifestyle brand, The Honest Company, as reported by Yahoo Finance.

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20. Angelina Jolie: $120M

Not only is she one of the highest-paid women in Hollywood, but Angelina Jolie received one of the biggest salaries for a movie than any other actress. According to Celebrity Net Worth, her performance on the film Salt earned her $20 million dollars.

angelina jolie richest actressesangelina jolie richest actresses
Moviestore via Shutterstock

Over the years, Jolie has accumulated a net worth of $120 million dollars, based on reports from Celebrity Net Worth. With all that dough, it makes sense that the star has a set financial plan. "Save one-third, live on one-third, and give away one-third," the actresses revealed.

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19. Drew Barrymore: $125M

It's not surprising that Celebrity Net Worth has estimated Drew Barrymore's net worth to be $125 million, considering that she has been on the big screen since she was 6 years old! After her iconic role in Steven Spielberg's E.T., the actress went on to become an arguably well-recognized face in Hollywood.

drew barrymore net worthdrew barrymore net worth
Castle Rock Ent/Warner Bros/Kobal via Shutterstock

It didn't take long until she was rolling in large sums of cash. From 50 First Dates to Scream, Barrymore has been cast in numerous successful films, ultimately making her eligible for the large salaries. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she received nearly $15 million dollars to star in the movie Music and Lyrics.

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18. Cameron Diaz: $140M

Cameron Diaz received $20 million dollars when she starred on Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle. And while that sounds impressive, it's nothing when compared to the $42 million dollar paycheck she got for Bad Teacher. According to Celebrity Net Worth, she first only got $1 million but then received the rest from backend gross.

cameron diaz richest actressescameron diaz richest actresses
Moviestore via Shutterstock

After reaching a sizeable net worth of $140 million, it seems like Diaz was ready to call it quits on acting. "I just really wanted to make my life manageable by me," Cameron explained. "My routine [now] in a day is literally what I can manage to do by myself." We'll miss seeing this star on our screens.

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17. Courtney Cox: $150M

Courtney Cox officially made it big after playing Monica on the hit sitcom Friends. And not only does she have the show to thank for her international success, but also for her estimated net worth of $150 million! Today, Cox is one of the highest-paid actresses in Hollywood.

courtney cox net worthcourtney cox net worth
Dimension Films/Kobal via Shutterstock

While at the start of the show, Cox was earning $22,500 dollars an episode, that number continued to grow as Friends became more popular. By the last two seasons, the actress was receiving a whopping $1 million dollars for each episode! At least $88 million of her reported net worth came from her role on the sitcom.

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16. Meryl Streep: $160M

Despite being 72 years old, Meryl Streep is still at the top of her game. The actress most recently appeared in the movie Don't Look Up. And while we're not sure the exact amount she received for it, sources have claimed that the iconic star typically gets $20 million for every film she's in.

meryl streep net worthmeryl streep net worth
Jonathan Prime/Universal/Kobal via Shutterstock

When we look at all the roles Streep has played over the years, it comes as no surprise that her net worth is as high as it is. As per Celebrity Net Worth, she is valued at $160 million dollars. "I feel very proud to have been able to work in films where the women I'm portraying are very central to the story," she gushed.

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15. Jennifer Lawrence: $160M

One of the top paid stars in Hollywood is none other than Jennifer Lawrence. Her $160 million dollar net worth, per Celebrity Net Worth, is partially thanks to the 4th Hunger Games film, for which she got $30-40 million dollars. Recently, the actress received another $25 million for Don't Look Up. But it wasn't always like that.

jennifer lawrence net worthjennifer lawrence net worth
Murray Close/Color Force/Lionsgate/Kobal via Shutterstock

"When the Sony hack happened, and I found out how much less I was being paid than the [men], I didn't get mad at Sony. I got mad at myself," Lawrence confessed. "I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early. I didn't want to keep fighting over millions of dollars that, frankly, due to two franchises, I don't need."

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14. Scarlett Johansson: $165M

Today Scarlett Johansson's net worth has been estimated to be $160 million dollars, per Celebrity Net Worth. A large sum of that came from the Hollywood bombshell's role on Black Widow. That movie earned the actress a whopping $20 million dollars. Luckily for her, she was the one who got the part.

scarlett johansson net worthscarlett johansson net worth
Jay Maidment/Marvel/Walt Disney/Kobal via Shutterstock

Because originally, Johannson was the second choice for the lead role. "The best call you can receive is after you are rejected for something, and then you get it," Johansson confessed. "You appreciate it more. I've basically made a career out of being second choice."

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13. Charlize Theron: $170M

After a hacker leaked information from Sony, the public became aware that female stars were getting paid less than their male counterparts. Charlize Theron vowed that would never happen to her. So when she was cast on The Huntsman: Winter's War, she and her co-star Chris Hemstrowth both received $10 million dollars.

charlize theron salary sonycharlize theron salary sony
Universal/Kobal via Shutterstock

While that may sound like a large sum of money, it's common for this Hollywood star to receive paychecks that large, according to The Hollywood Reporter. This is how the actress has become one of the highest-paid females in the industry. Celebrity Net Worth reports that Theron is valued at $170 million dollars!

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12. Sofia Vergara: $180M

Up next is Sofia Vergara, who is arguably best known for her role as Gloria on the hit sitcom Modern Family. A major sum of her $180 million dollar net worth, per Celebrity Net Worth, is owed to her performance on the show - which she received an impressive $500,000/episode. And Vergara can't deny she loves the cash.

spfia vergara net worthspfia vergara net worth
Raymond Liu/ABC/BSkyB/Kobal via Shutterstock

"I'm not ashamed to say I love making money," the actress once revealed. "I like business, and the truth is I save way more than I spend. I invest. I plan for the future. I have a special eye for opportunities and work harder than anyone might expect." 

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11. Demi Moore: $200M

Throughout her successful career, Demi Moore has managed to accumulate a net worth of $200 million dollars - based on reports from The Richest. Since the 1990's this actress has proved through her extraordinary performances that she is well deserved to receive high paying salaries.

demi moore richest actressesdemi moore richest actresses
Before The Door Pictures/Kobal via Shutterstock

The iconic actress earned $12.5 million for her lead role on Striptease in 1996. The following year, Moore was paid a large sum of $11 million for her role in the film G.I. Jane. And while it seemed like a profitable career, she went above and beyond and even produced the Austin Powers franchise. Round of applause for her!

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10. Sarah Jessica Parker: $200M

Before being the fashion icon that she is today, Sarah Jessica Parker was a young 8-year-old girl just starting her career in acting. She appeared on The Little Match Girl and even the Broadway play The Innocents - but it wasn't until the 1990's that SJP was bringing home the big paychecks.

sarah jessica parker salary sarah jessica parker salary
New Line/Kobal via Shutterstock

While she was known for her roles in Hocus Pocus and Footloose, her character on Sex and the City was what made her an international success. It was reported by Parade that the success of the show made it possible for SJP to walk home with $3.2 million/episode! Now, her net worth is estimated to be $200 million, per Yahoo.

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9. Jane Fonda: $200M

As the daughter of actor Henry Fonda, it comes as no surprise that Jane Fonda chose a career in Hollywood. Since the 1960's, she has amazed fans with her remarkable acting talents. From her first movie, Tall Short, all the way to now, she has racked up millions.

jane fonda net worthjane fonda net worth
Melissa Moseley/Skydance Prods/Kobal via Shutterstock

Fonda has been in the industry for roughly 60 years, so it makes sense how she has a high net worth of $200 million dollars, as reported by Yahoo Finance. Even at the age of 84, she continues to pursue her career. Currently, she stars on the sitcom Grace and Frankie.

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8. Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen: $250M

If we combined these two famous sisters' net worth, they would be worth $500 million dollars together, according to Yahoo Finance. Even before Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen turned one, they were on the big screen. Full House was just the start of their later successful acting careers.

mary kate ashley olsenmary kate ashley olsen
Henry Lamb/BEI via Shutterstock

For each episode the two were seen on, they received around $2,400 dollars. Over time, as the series grew in popularity, they were earning at least $80,000 per episode by the final season of the show. Their bank accounts had incredibly high numbers even before they were teenagers!

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7. Sandra Bullock: $250M

Sandra Bullock has obviously topped the list as one of the highest-paid females in Hollywood. The actress has been valued to be worth at least $250 million dollars, per Celebrity Net Worth. Just from the movie Gravity, she received a paycheck of $20 million dollars, along with 15% of the box office revenue and merchandise!

sandra bullock net worthsandra bullock net worth
Moviestore via Shutterstock

Despite the many responsibilities Bullock has as an A-list star, she never lets others boss her around. People are always going, 'That's not what people want to see you in.' I couldn't care less," she bluntly admitted. "I'm the only one who can tell me what I'm not capable of doing. And then I'll do it anyway."

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6. Julia Louis-Dreyfus: $250M

It seems hard to imagine a world where Seinfeld doesn't exist, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus is partially to thank for the hilarious sitcom. Not only was it exceptionally popular at the time it was released, but the show helped shape all future comedy series. So it makes sense that one of the show's stars has a high net worth.

julia louise dreyfus salaryjulia louise dreyfus salary
HBO/Kobal via Shutterstock

For each episode Louise-Dreyfus was in, she was paid $600,000 dollars, according to Time. And she got $500,000 on Veep. All together, as per Celebrity Net Worth, the actress is sitting on $250 million dollars. And that's before all the dough she will eventually inherit from her billionaire father.

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5. Julia Roberts: $250M

Ever since making headlines for her performance on Pretty Women, Julia Roberts has achieved international fame. Take that along with her incredible talent, and it's without a doubt that she needs to be paid millions before agreeing to star in a movie. For 2003's Mona Lisa, she walked home with a whopping $25 million dollar check.

julia roberts net worthjulia roberts net worth
Columbia/Revolution Studios/Kobal via Shutterstock

"Things have changed a lot," Julia recalled about Hollywood. "When I started out... there were logical steps in a career progression: you made a film, and if it was successful, you had the opportunity to work again... Now, someone can just pop out of nowhere and make it, which I guess is very destabilizing."

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4. Nicole Kidman: $250M

Nicole Kidman has racked up a net worth of $250 million dollars, as reported by Celebrity Net Worth. So it's clear that the blonde Hollywood icon has earned large sums of money from her various acting roles. Just from Bewitched alone, Kidman was paid $17.5 million!

nicole kidman net worthnicole kidman net worth
Melissa Moseley/Columbia/Kobal via Shutterstock

Despite her strong work ethic, the star admitted that many of her large accomplishments in her career were, "Not always coming from a sense of confidence, like 'I know what I'm doing.' Not at all. A lot of times, I'm relying heavily on the people around to say, 'You've got more in you.'"

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3. Reese Witherspoon: $300M

Coming in third place on our list is the one and only Reese Witherspoon. Her hard work and talented skills have helped the star rack up a net worth of $300 million dollars, as alleged by Celebrity Net Worth. Now she makes a whopping $1.25 million/episode on The Morning Show.

reese witherspoon net worthreese witherspoon net worth
Media Res/Apple TV+/Kobal via Shutterstock

"Women need to talk about money more often. And our successes - not just our devastations," the actress explained. But it doesn't always mean having millions. Witherspoon is still proud of the first apartment she had with air-conditioning and the first time she bought her own house. Of course, we'll take this boss-lady's advice!

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2. Jennifer Aniston: $320M

Before becoming a household name, Jennifer Aniston was working hard as a hostess and waitress in many restaurants. Today, based on reports from Celebrity Net Worth, the actress is sitting on a hefty $320 million dollar net worth! Much of her wealth is owed to her various acting roles.

jennifer aniston richest actressesjennifer aniston richest actresses
Media Res/Apple TV+/Kobal via Shutterstock

For each episode that she portrayed Rachel on Friends, Aniston was reportedly paid $1 million dollars towards the end of the show's airing. After her time on sitcom ended, she went on to have a successful career in movies. Today she reportedly earns upwards of $1.25 million/episode on The Morning Show!

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1. Victoria Principal: $350M

As for #1 on our list? The one and only Victoria Principal, worth nearly $350 million dollars according to Celebrity Net Worth. And even though the majority of that sum is due to her acting skills, she actually never meant to become an actress. Yet still, today, she's one of the highest-paid stars in Hollywood.

victoria principal richest actressesvictoria principal richest actresses
Hulton Archive / Stringer via Getty Images

In 1977, she had her breakthrough role on Fantasy Island. But it wasn't until she landed the part as Pamela Barnes Ewing on Dallas that she started receiving large checks. Based on sources, Principal was earning roughly $25,000 dollars per episode of the series. It looks like it's was a good thing she ended up being an actress!

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