They Have Aced Life: The ACE Family and Their Exploits


| LAST UPDATE 09/22/2021

By Scarlett Adler

For most, the McBrooms really have appeared out of nowhere. Now, they seem to dominate the media everywhere. The prominent YouTube family has become one of the most recognized in the world. But have you ever wondered what Catherine and Austin got up to before their overnight rise to fame? Let's take a look.

Austin Was a Cool Kid

Austin McBroom was always destined to have a bright future. Handsome, intelligent, and from a respectable family; It was inevitable that he would live his life in front of the camera.

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He is also a talented athlete and particularly enjoys baseball and football. However, Austin showed promise on the basketball court and chose to concentrate his efforts on this game in particular.

He Dropped Out of Two Colleges

McBroom's capacity for basketball caught the attention of several colleges. Consequently, upon leaving high school, Austin took the opportunity to join Central Michigan. Although he showed plenty of promise, his time there was full of arguments with the coach, so he eventually transferred to St. Louis instead.

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History repeated itself, and his relationship with his coaches was once again strained. This time he chose to join Eastern Washington, which turned out to be the perfect match. Austin buckled down and commenced a degree in Communications while simultaneously slaying the opponents on the court.

Austin Loved the Single Life

Austin loved his life as an athlete, and thrived as a bachelor, showing no signs of wanting to settle down. He clearly had his heart and mind set on becoming a professional basketball player; His focus and determination took precedence over relationships.

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However, as you know, life always has other plans. Fate ensured he crossed paths with the lovely Catherine Paiz. She and Austin were first introduced to each other through mutual friends, only talking a few times until their relationship eventually blossomed. Now, the couple has three children together.

Catherine Had a Difficult Childhood

Catherine Paiz was born on August 24th, 1990 in Montreal, and her childhood was nothing like Austin's privileged past. Although she had a happy childhood, her parents were poor immigrants from Panama, and they ended up moving around an awful lot.

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Eventually, the Paiz family relocated to Tampa, Florida, where Catherine's mom worked as a hairdresser. Usually, money was extremely tight, so inevitably, Catherine chose to start working, and she landed her first modeling gig with Victoria's Secret at the age of 16.

Catherine Didn't Go to College

"I've been working my whole life," says Catherine. After her time at Victoria's Secret, she found herself working in an ice cream parlor. However, Catherine had fallen in love with the world of modeling. She was simply destined to live a life in front of the camera.

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In 2013, Catherine modeled for Azzelia Swimwear, and subsequently, the industry fell in love with her, and further opportunities were starting to present themselves. From that moment onwards, her degree would slip to the bottom of her priority list.

The Lonely Hour

After high school, Catherine found herself in China. "I came back and went straight to work," she said. "I moved to Miami, and I managed a venue, and I worked at a hedge fund, and I've done like so many different things." Eventually, the heavy workload took its toll, meaning that on occasion, Catherine found herself lonely and tired.

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She had found success in her modeling career. Still, she had endured many failed relationships. "I was at the point of my life where I was like, 'I think I'm going to be single forever,'" recalled Catherine until she crossed paths with Austin at a dinner party in L.A. in 2015.

The Moment They Met

Catherine remembers the all-white party where she met Austin and recalls not being interested in him back then. However, Austin felt entirely different and fell head over heels for Catherine. She reluctantly agreed to a first date but admitted she did not feel a connection initially.

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Catherine confessed that she was still dealing with the emotions and fall out from a previous love interest. Her unenthusiastic approach was because she did not think this relationship had great potential. We're glad she finally gave Austin her number and was proven wrong. Aren't you?

The First Pregnancy Was a Shock

After the initial date, Austin and Catherine continued in an intense relationship, and things moved exceptionally quickly. After a few short months, the couple was expecting their first child. The imminent arrival of a newborn let them to take the next step, and finally, they moved in together.

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With Austin still being a college student, finances were tight initially. To make matters worse, Catherine had also quit her modeling career due to her pregnancy. The new parents found themselves in a sticky situation, and they needed an idea to generate some cash quickly.

New Roomies

Although the couple was already semi-famous by this stage, they chose to blog about the pregnancy, and consequently, the first seeds of the ACE family YouTube channel were born. Austin and Catherine documented their entire journey, and on 28th May 2016, baby Elle was born.

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The ACE Family channel was starting to gain traction, and they continued to reveal their exploits online. Initially, the money was elusive, and it became just a fun project for the young family. They would not capitalize on their popularity until much later in the game.

The Real Reason They Took Vlogging Seriously

Austin's friend had suggested some creative ideas and talked to the couple about how much YouTubers could potentially earn. At first, the new parents laughed off the idea. They did not believe that posting about their daily lives could be that interesting to others.

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Luckily for all of us, they did give it a try, and as they say, the rest is history. The young family had finally chosen a path that would eventually transform them into one of the most famous families on the internet alongside the likes of the Kardashians.

The First Hit

The family posted their first video titledThe Ace Family Q&A” on the 27th of July, 2016. Their first video featured them merely sitting on the sofa, answering questions from their fans on Instagram. Their Instagram following was mediocre, but that would quickly change.

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They could not believe their eyes when their first video received thousands of views in only a few short hours. This was the moment that gave them the confidence and enthusiasm to go full-time. It meant their fate was sealed as the next superstar YouTubers.

Why They Call Themselves the Ace Family

The ACE Family is an iconic name, and it's an acronym of the first letter from each of their first names - Austin, Catherine, and Elle. The McBroom's take naming very seriously. Their daughter's name holds a great deal of significance as well.

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Catherine had decided on her first daughter's name at the early age of 16. Catherine is quite superstitious, and the name 'Elle' came to her while she was watching TV one day, and it's stuck with her ever since. It is indeed hard for us to imagine Elle being called anything else. She is just so sweet.

Going Viral

Eventually, everything the ACE Family touched would turn to gold. Everything they posted was swallowed up and consumed by their devoted fans. Whether they posted mundane videos of their everyday lives or ridiculous pranks, the world could not get enough. Their most-viewed video currently has over 34 million views.

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The video is called THE BEST PROPOSAL OF ALL TIME!!! (JUMPING OUT OF A PLANE). In the clip, Catherine and Austin go skydiving, and as they land, they are met by their daughter. Little did Catherine know, Austin had planned an emotional proposal, and we see him down on one knee, asking for her to marry him.

They Had a Secret Wedding

The couple was quite transparent about their engagement, but their wedding was not so public. To the dismay of their loyal fans, they decided to get married in complete secret. "I just want to say our parents were not there, our family was not there. It was really just us," Catherine explained.

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For two years, the couple led fans to believe that they were still engaged, but all the while, they had been happily married. Oh, the shock they caused! Paiz also changed the last name on her Instagram handle to McBroom. These days, changing the name says it all.

A Psychic Told Catherine Her Future

According to Paiz, nothing that's happened to her is a revelation. She says her entire life has already been planned out. She claims that all the significant milestones in her life, like the birth of her three children were predicted a long time ago by a psychic when she was 10-years-old.

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The couple now has two beautiful daughters and one strapping baby boy. The latest addition to the clan was given the name ‘Steel.' As tradition dictates, the McBroom's had his name planned years in advance. It must feel amazing to be so well organized, especially when raising three kids.

Getting Used to the Fame & Fortune

The McBrooms' idyllic family life makes for compulsive viewing, which has seen their YouTube channel grow to a staggering 18 million subscribers and counting. "It's crazy how fast we grew," said Catherine. The family has had to adapt to fame and fortune over the years.

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The McBroom's have been accepted into the inner circle of Hollywood's elite, and they are now celebrities in their own right. Their growing success has presented the ACE family with plenty of opportunities and a bank account that makes for a very luxurious lifestyle.

New Friends

Of course, the biggest claim to fame is earning the seal of approval from the ultra-famous Kardashian crowd. Catherine and Kylie Jenner are said to be extremely close, so close in fact that Jenner was the first person to discover the gender of Catherine and Austin's second child.

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While it's unclear how the two families have become friends, the celebs have demonstrated their friendship on several occasions over the years. Kylie's even appeared in the McBroom family videos and sent the couple's children gifts for Christmas. Their friendship is a wonderful thing.

Kylie Jenner's Circle

You've probably noticed a pregnant Kylie Jenner featured in one of Austin's vlogs. In one of the videos, Austin borrowed Jenner's bright orange Lamborghini and pretended to let his daughter drive it. Jenner made a split-second cameo and quipped, "Bro, can you like not film my car?" while trying to hide her baby bump with a baggy tracksuit.

YouTube via The ACE Family

Paiz admits that she and Kylie are genuinely friends, but the world has been deprived of their friendship lately. We haven't seen them together since the gender reveal video. Hopefully, we'll get to see their adorable kids grow up together in the future. What do you think about a combined reality series? That would be iconic!


The ultimate proof that the McBrooms were succeeding came in 2018; The ACE family purchased a pair of properties for a mere $10 million. They mashed both houses together to create a whopping mega-mansion. Before the renovation, the homes already measured over 1200 square feet.

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Some fans were left perplexed and wondering why the family needed such a substantial home. Catherine explained to her followers that they are always entertaining guests, and the couple is planning on expanding their family. This makes us wonder how many children they're expecting exactly.

Catherine's Net Worth

The ACE family does not shy away from the fact that they've become quite wealthy. They do not try to deny it, and why should they. Catherine's now a public figure, with an Instagram audience in the region of eight million, and the ACE family YouTube channel is continuing to grow to this day.

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Every piece of content she posts reaches millions of people, and therefore, companies are tripping over themselves to get in front of her audience. Catherine can earn thousands from a single post, and the former model's net worth is estimated to be roughly $2 million.

Austin's Net Worth

Due to his multiple income streams, Austin's net worth is estimated to be around $6 million. He is an internet personality, influencer, and YouTuber. However, it is said that a significant portion of his income comes from YouTube's AdSense revenue model, and the remainder is from paid posts on social media.

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Occasionally, Austin will collaborate with other content creators on YouTube. He also charges brands a colossal chunk of change to promote their products on his channel. Shoutouts and stories on Instagram are particularly lucrative. It all proves the ACE family is continuing to thrive.

The Ace Family's Net Worth

The family's wealth is more substantial when they appear as a full family of five. Their oldest daughter is already a celebrity with over 5 million followers on Instagram, and Austin and Catherine have promised to keep adding kids to the flock.

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Already, Elle is estimated to be worth about $1 million while her sister, Alaïa, is predicted to be worth a similar amount. Now with a son in the picture, it would not be hard to imagine him joining the highflyers soon. In total, that puts the ACE Family net worth in the region of $13 million. Not too shabby!

Their Music Career

As we've all realized, their fortune will continue to grow. They have already forged a reputation in fashion, sports, and social media, but now they're set to take on the music business. "You're My Ace," the couples debut music video has already racked up over 27 million views.

YouTube via Only One

Austin isn't a natural-born vocalist, but he doesn't let that stop him from making music. His fans love him regardless. His track called "Giddy-Up" is heavily auto-tuned, but the family admits that they are not taking it too seriously and are just having fun with it.

Harsh Accusations

Anyone in the spotlight will know the pressures of living life under the watchful eye of the global media. Every word or action is heavily scrutinized. The ACE family had a taste of the ugly side of social media when Austin received heavy criticism for his parenting skills back in 2019.

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Austin posted but quickly deleted a video of him giving a child a lollipop shaped like a particular male body part. The response was harsh, and many followers accused Austin of sexualizing a child. "Guys, I'm in so much trouble," Austin allegedly said in the video. "But she said she was gonna steal it if I didn't buy it, so…"

Bad Publicity

Social media stars expose their entire lives online but sometimes even celebrities need a break. The ACE family took a sabbatical to enjoy their Christmas holiday and returned to a hail of negativity. "U said ten days of filming and posting I was generally excited. Don't [sic] make promises u can't keep!" said one fan.

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Some feel that Austin could have been more tactful with his reply. Upon returning from his trip he said, "Some of y'all are ungrateful for free content. Some of y'all should be charged every time you watch someone's video. If it was so easy, everyone, including yourself, would be doing it…"

Austin's Fans Called Him 'Egotistic'

The fallout from his comments caused McBroom to delete them. However, the damage had been done, and subscribers labeled him arrogant and egotistical. He even received backlash from other prominent YouTubers with @notkombuchagirl saying: "… being a content creator is a dream job, you get paid to film yourself having fun."

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To add insult to injury, fans discovered an interview online where Austin had been asked if he had found vlogging 'pressurizing.' Confidently he responded by saying: "We waking up every day just doing what we do." Outraged fans branded him a liar and a hypocrite.

Fending off the Naysayers

The trouble continued for the ACE family when Austin was accused of cheating on Catherine. A twitter user sent Paiz a message saying, "I wanted to let you know because you deserve to know as a mother. Last weekend, Austin was with some friends of mine in Miami. He slept with one of them and made her sign an NDA."

Twitter via @austinmcbroom

Bravely and elegantly, Catherine called out the Twitter user and told her to post her proof on the social media platform. However, Isabella, the girl who's tweeted, was not forthcoming, and the evidence never materialized; In the end, the ACE family continued unscathed.

What Really Happened with Cole Carrigan

As the family has become more successful, it has become harder for them to avoid the haters. Every day, more and more people attempt to tear down the family. A fellow YouTuber, Cole Carrigan, accused Austin of assaulting one of his friends.

Instagram via @colecarrigan / Twitter via @austinmcbroom

Austin refused to respond to the accusation, and many people felt that his silence was a sign of his guilt. However, the victim of the alleged assault created the plot for Cole to extort money from the ACE family. She posted screenshots of her conversation revealing Cole's intentions.

Expensive Toys

The couple has an awe-inspiring car collection that they just love to flash on social media. Fans wept over Austin's mat-orange Lamborghini Hurucan Perfomante valued at about $300,000. Additionally, Catherine's Range Rover Autobiography is valued at around $200,000.

Instagram via @austinmcbroom

In addition to the supercars, the family also owns a Jeep Wrangler and a Chevrolet Camaro. To this day, they continue to add to the collection. Their vlogs occasionally feature Catherine and Austin gifting each other expensive cars, turning fans green with envy.

Watch This Space

The future's looking bright for our favorite family, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. As long as they continue to engage their fans with their exciting family exploits, we're sure their following will continue to grow, along with their income.

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Catherine certainly seems comfortable and content with life these days. "This is our sanctuary, this is our empire. This is where we are going to be for 15, 20 years," she said. We're looking forward to seeing what else the ACE family has in store for us, especially their adorable little rascals!