The Trailer For The Breaking Bad Movie: El Camino Has Been Released

Taran Underwood

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Breaking Bad is one of those series that sucked you in, chewed you up and spat you out when it ended. Season 9 left us with what seemed to be a dead Walter White and a very lost Jesse Pinkman. Just as Breaking Bad fans began to move on and accept that we would never know what happened to our favorite duo, an announcement was released that after 6 years since filming... there was going to be a movie.

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Since the announcement, tons of theories were rumoring about. Some argue that Walter is still alive, otherwise, why bother making a movie? Some say that Walter will probably only appear in flashbacks due to Jesse's trauma. Some say Heisenberg wouldn't even be in this film at all.

Well, thankfully we've been given a little taste for what's to come. The long-awaited Breaking Bad movie El Camino has released its official trailer.

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It seems as though the movie is going to pick up exactly where the series left it off. Jesse was the only one who left the scene alive which means that he is now the only one that can be held responsible for all the crime, death and illegal activity he caused with his fromer partner, Heisenberg.

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In the trailer, we see that Jesse is clearly on the run and is as broken as we expected, after all the trauma he went through. With scars on face and terror in his eyes, fans are dying to know what happens to our favorite Breaking Bad character. The film is said to be released on the 11th of October. Counting down the days is an understatement!