The Office Cast Talks About a Possible Reunion, Plus Streaming Recommendations Featuring the Beloved Stars


| LAST UPDATE 01/08/2021

By Molly Houghton
Steve Carell Rainn Wilson
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Fans of The Office may be mourning the show's departure from Netflix, but recent talk about a reunion might be the thing to raise our spirits. Plus, a few recommendations for other shows and movies featuring some of the former cast members.

Greg Daniels, The Office
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In a recent interview, producer Greg Daniels said a reunion is "more likely" now that she show is streaming on Peacock. "I think the issue [with a reunion] is... what is left to be said about the characters?" Daniels said. "When we ended it, we jumped forward a year, and a lot of them aren't working there anymore."

But the renowned comedy writer has already thought of a few solutions to that problem. "It would be fun to, like, find some lost episodes and just shoot 'em as if they were back, you know, back in 2010 or something," he said. If that doesn't work out, Greg said "there's been some talk of maybe a Friends' style reunion."

Andy Buckley, Office Reunion
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Andy Buckley, who played David Wallace on the hit series, is also supportive of reuniting. "I've been sending Gregg an email on an hourly basis for the last eight years about that," Wallace joked on E! News. "If I ever get a boat, I'm gonna have to name it the Dunder Mifflin. Because it [the show] certainly changed my life." Actress Kate Flannery told E! News she also wants a reunion in the future.

Rainn Wilson, The Office
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But if the reunion comes later rather than sooner, The Office enthusiasts can enjoy the show's former cast members on other hit series and films. Lovers of Rainn Wilson can see the actor as a gym teacher battling zombie children in Cooties, or in a more dramatic role in Utopia.

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Jenna Fischer, Office Reunion
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For fans that need some more Pam Beesly in their lives, Jenna Fischer has starred in a few comedy hits. Watch the actress on Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, Hall Pass, or the indie rom-com The Giant Mechanical Man. These recs will hopefully be enough to hold us over until a reunion finally happens.