90s Sitcom 'The Nanny' Will Be Available for Streaming in April


| LAST UPDATE 06/30/2021

By Scarlett Adler
The Nanny HBO Max
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Fran Drescher graced our TV screens as a gorgeous nanny during the 90s, and she's officially making her grand comeback in this unforgettable role next month. The iconic 90s sitcom The Nanny will be available for streaming on HBO Max starting on April 1st. The series has been off the air for quite a while, as it ran from 1993 until 1999, with a total of six seasons. But even today, "I'm constantly experiencing how current it remains, particularly with the millennials," Fran explained of the show's popularity.

Just to refresh your memory, Drescher starred as a fashionista who sought work as a nanny after being fired from her salon job by her boyfriend. So, she showed up on the doorstep of wealthy widower Maxwell Sheffield, who was played by Charles Shaughnessy and began caring for his three children. As said in the theme song, "Who would have guessed that the girl we described was just exactly what the doctor prescribed?" Eventually, Fran and Maxwell fell in love, the iconic nanny married into the family, and the rest was history.

In April of 2020, Fran gave her insight on where she thinks her character would be today if the show was still on the air. "I think Fran would have gotten involved in a fashion blog in how to look like a million bucks on a shoestring budget," she said. Drescher's also in the process of turning The Nanny into a Broadway production with the help of her ex-husband and show co-creator, Peter Marc Jacobson.

The Nanny HBO Max
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"Peter came up with the brilliant idea that Fran and Max moved back to New York because he missed Broadway, and, for lack of a better idea, Fran says, 'Why don't you do a show about us?'" Drescher revealed. "And then the whole first season would be about him producing the show that's actually on a Broadway."

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The Nanny Fran Drescher
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The cast reunited for a virtual table read last year, and Drescher spoke to EW about her feelings on the series to this day, as it's seemingly remained relevant. "I'm fluid on social media, and I'm very aware of the Fran and The Nanny accounts. We're doing The Nanny musical on Broadway, it was an amazing thing, and it's the gift that keeps on giving." So, get ready to binge The Nanny next month, and stay tuned for more from Fran in the future!