The Most LOL Moments From Kevin Hart's Celebrity Game Face Finale

Molly Houghton

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Season one of Celebrity Game Face is officially over, and the season finale did not disappoint. Host Kevin Hart was joined by three celebrity teams for a couple of rounds of good-natured competition.

Chery Hines Kyra Kennedy
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The series' finale contestants included mother-step daughter duo Cheryl Hines and Kyra Kennedy, Adrienne Bailon and her spouse Israel Houghton, and husband-wife pair Thomas and Jenny Lennon. The teams got together virtually for some laugh-out-loud challenges.

Tensions rose between the couples during a game of Pointing the Finger. When Hart asked Adrienne and Israel who's more likely to check the other's texts, they both pointed to themselves. But when the actress's hubby switched his answer at the last second, it cost them a point. "I got confused!" the singer said to his wife. "I'm sorry, bro. Sorry!"

Celebrity Game Face
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During the same challenge, Kevin asked the Lennons who's more likely to get lost while driving. When the couple both pointed at Jenny, the comedic host saw a chance for some teasing. "I don't know how bad of an incident it was when you got lost, but the level of anger attached to his point... He almost punched you in the face!" Hart joked.

But perhaps the most hilarious competition of the night was Suck It Up. The contestants had to eat a roll of fruit tape as fast as possible without using their hands. What followed were some disturbing noises as everyone slurped their fruit tape and lots of laughter.

Hart of the Champion
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As usual, the end of the night saw one team taking home the Hart of a Champion trophy, the coveted giant gold baby that looks like Kevin Hart. In a surprise turn of events, Cheryl and Kyra went from being in the last place to taking home the award! "I have never seen a comeback like this," the host said. "They pulled off the unthinkable!"