Get Ready for 'The Kids Tonight Show'


| LAST UPDATE 10/13/2021

By Molly Houghton
The Kids Tonight Show
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Things are about to get a whole lot funnier because Jimmy Fallon's talk show spin-off is finally going to hit our screens. Come October 14th, we'll meet a whole new set of hosts for the highly-anticipated The Kids Tonight Show. Here's everything we know so far.

Kids Tonight Show Cast
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The kid-led series was announced back in May and described by NBC Entertainment as "a sophisticated, elegantly produced late-night show in the vein of The Tonight Show - but it's hosted by kids, and kids are in charge of everything." It's a kid's world; we're just living in it! So who can we expect to see on the upcoming project? Mykal-Michelle Harris (9), Dylan Gilmer (12), Olivia Perez (11), and Recker Eans (11).

These little ones are no strangers to the spotlight: they've all gone viral to some capacity or have already starred in a television show. "We got some of the cutest, most talented kids hosting this show," Jimmy said earlier this month. "It is the best thing. It's The Tonight Show in 15-minute chunks. It's basically our show, just without me, just younger people. But it's still silly games, funny games, big celebrities."

Stream Kids Tonight Show
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Fallon might not be on the show, but he sure is working closely with the young cast - much to the preteens' delight. "It's so crazy; he's just so lovable, everybody says he's like a big kid," Dylan told PEOPLE (The TV Show!) of Jimmy. "He's a kid in a grown man's body." But the man-kid certainly knows how to advise the first-time hosts. "Be yourself, make a mess, be funny," Recker said of the tip the Hollywood icon gave the crew.

Kids Tonight Show Premiere
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"You got to have energy. You got to be professional," Dylan added. "But when the screen turns on, you got to have that energy and be professional at the same time." That sounds like top-notch advice to us! And it looks like we've also got a lot to look forward to music and guest appearances-wise.

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The popular talk show host revealed just a few of the famous faces hitting the Kids Tonight Show stage. The line-up does not disappoint: hip hop band The Roots, Matthew McConaughey, Kristen Bell, and JoJo Siwa are just a few of the celebs we can expect to see chatting with Olivia, Dylan, Recker, and Mykal-Michelle. So get ready to stream all the shenanigans on Peacock.