Check Out Ted Lasso's Hilarious Season 2 Trailer


| LAST UPDATE 06/22/2021

By Molly Houghton
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Ted Lasso Season 2

On Monday, June 21st, our days got a little funnier thanks to Ted Lasso's Season 2 trailer release. The hit series is set to come back to the small screen later this summer. And this latest peek into what the upcoming season will bring has got us setting a countdown on our phones.

Jason Sudeikis Ted Lasso
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The trailer begins with a suspenseful moment on the soccer field: an AFC Richmond player taking an important shot on the field. Aaaaand... he misses. By the looks of it, we'll be seeing a lot more of that throughout the hit series' second season. The Richmond community seems to have completely accepted their beloved American coach, played by Jason Sudeikis, and all of his quirks. But the team struggles to keep their spirits - and score record - high.

Ted Lasso New Season
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So Ted decides to pull out all of the stops and show these athletes a different side to their loving instructor. "It's time for these young fellas to meet that guy," he says to Coach Beard. "Oh no. Led Tasso," Beard replies. Season 2 will give us a peek into Ted's alter ego. Spoiler alert: this side of him is a lot angrier.

Ted Lasso New Trailer
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We then see an irritated Lasso storm onto the practice field and knock over some equipment before shouting at the Richmond athletes. "Alright, you little turd birds, start touching your toes," Ted screams. "Now touch each other's toes," he adds. Luckily, Coach Beard knows how to bring back the sweet loving version of the hilarious coach.

"How long was I out?" Ted asks as he comes back to his senses. "Not as long as last time, but nobody was hurt," Coach Beard reports. We hope the show creators will let us in on what exactly went down last time Led Tasso came around. But, don't worry; the season will also have plenty of touching moments too. Like when Lasso confesses his love for communism in a moving speech.

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"People saying there's something wrong with us," Ted tells his players. "Not the way I see it. I believe in Communism. Rom-communism, that is. If Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan can go through some heartfelt struggles and still end up happy, then so can we." Check out all of the hilarious shenanigans for yourself in the newly-released trailer above. And get ready because the new season is set to premiere on July 23rd. Make sure to get your Ted Lasso merchandise before the big day.