Taylor Tomlinson’s Newest Netflix Comedy Special Is Here!


| LAST UPDATE 03/11/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Taylor Tomlinson Netflix Special
@taylortomlinson via Instagram

She is back and ready to make us laugh! Taylor Tomlinson's newest Netflix comedy special, Look at You, is here - and we have a lot to say about the hilarious young comedian. Her comedy special shows off her impressive joke writing skills and ability to interact with her loving audience. Although the special was filmed in December right as the Omicron variant emerged, resulting in the cancelation of some of her tour dates, the comedian proved nothing could get in her way...

Taylor Tomlinson first turned to comedy through her church - something we haven't quite heard before. She grew up in a conservative family in California, but when she was 16, her father signed her up for a church-approved comedy class that changed her life. "My goal was to have a Netflix Special by the time I was 30," said the 28-year-old. And not only does she have one Netflix special, but Look at You is her second Netflix special! Her first special, Quarter-Life Crisis, debuted in 2020 as she covered what it meant to be a millennial and normalized having an existential quarter-life crisis. In her second Netflix special, Tomlinson takes the audience on her mental health journey through a comedic twist-of course, addressing her latest medication prescription. "I'm on Netflix; it all worked out," the comedian joked during her special - and yes, it did!

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So, where have you seen the outspoken comedian? Everywhere. At 21, she had been cast on the TV series Last Comic Standing, and two years later, ABC had developed an unaired sitcom pilot based on her life. Tomlinson is constantly on tour stealing laughs from audiences everywhere and has gathered an enormous following through her TikTok presence. Fellow comedian Josh Denny tweeted, "Taylor Tomlinson is the best female comedian in the world right now. Her new special on Netflix is incredible. She's always been great and funny, but she's really found her voice. I'd put her in the top 5 comics working right now." Now that is quite the statement. 

Taylor Tomlinson Netflix Special
@taylortomlinson via Getty Images

With that being said, if you're looking to laugh, make sure to check out the comedian's newest special, Look at You - and maybe even check out Tomlinson's Instagram for some extra laughs!

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