Steve-O Rehashes Early Days on MTV


| LAST UPDATE 06/29/2022

By Arianna Morgan
Steve-o jackass movie
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Steve-O is taking a trip down memory lane - a very foggy and dangerous memory lane, that is. The OG Jack*ss star recently admitted the show was a "bad influence" on a podcast episode of Hotboxin with Mike Tyson. The entertainer reflected on what those early days looked like filming the iconic comedy and what it meant back then versus in today's society. So, let's take a closer look...

Steve-O and the gang first appeared on our screens back in 2000 when Jack*ss appeared on MTV - and well, it was unlike anything we've ever seen before. Some of the original cast members, Johnny Knoxville, Bam Margera, Chris Pontius, Jason "Wee Man" Acuna, Steve-O, and more, got together to take part in a series of unexplainable, hilarious, and often painful stunts. Remember the poo cocktail and wakeboarding episode? Oh, man. The series ran for three seasons before turning into a major cinematic experience, creating a cult-based following for years to come.

Steve O Jackass Movie
 Denise Truscello/WireImage via Getty Images
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Now twenty years later, Steve-O is reflecting on the show with a somewhat different lens than he did when the franchise began. "We were genuinely worth vilifying because back then, they didn't have YouTube or video on the Internet, and we were legitimately a bad influence," he teased on the podcast. "When Jack*ss came out, little kids were showing up in hospitals all over the country and maybe the world because they saw us doing this crazy s***, and they wanted to do it themselves." The entertainer explained, "At that time, you could really point to us as being a bad influence," he added. "But I think over the years, because now that there's so much YouTube, [MTV's], so much, it's not our... fault anymore."

The reality show promoted "do not try this at home" with each episode; still, people were infatuated by the eccentric and wild group of guys and the hilariously absurd situations they got themselves in. Right after the MTV series ended, the guys got back together for the first Jack*ss: The Movie film, which dominated the box office. So much so that the group got back together years later in 2006 for Jack*ss: Number Two, Jack*ss Presents: Bad Grandpa in 2013, and Jack*ss Forever in 2022. The successful franchise is churning out a new Jack*ss series on Paramount +, but unclear who of the OG cast will be involved. Stay tuned!

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