‘Space Force’ Season Two: The Reviews Are In


| LAST UPDATE 02/22/2022

By Kayla Black
space force season 2
Aaron Epstein/Netflix/Kobal via Shutterstock

General Naird and the Space Force crew have absolutely outdone themselves this season. Since their highly anticipated season 2 premiere on February 18th, the hype surrounding the Netflix comedy has only continued to build. And having binged the episodes ourselves, we totally understand what these critics are raving about. Here's why.

The Space Force cast and crew can give themselves a huge pat on the back for achieving an elusive 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. To put that into perspective, fans and critics only gave the show's first season a mere 39%. Clearly, this season's positive review signifies the electric dynamic that was captured in the second installment. "This time, I laughed with every episode... fun, entertaining, with a variety of absurd moments, taking advantage of its cast to squeeze as much as possible out of each scene," one user praised. "With interesting characters and dynamic relationships, season 2 works a lot better than the first," another user echoed. "So for fans of Carell and his other comedies, [it's] definitely a must-watch."

space force season two
Instagram via @spaceforce
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The comedy magic that people were left speechless over could have something to do about the switch in the production team. For those who missed the announcement, this season reunited Greg Daniels and Steve Carell, who worked together as star and showrunner for NBC's hit series, The Office. And with 42 nominations over the several seasons, it's safe to say that they developed quite the magic formula during their time together. And if we're lucky, Space Force will continue to be given as many seasons as the cast over at Dunder Mifflin. Plus, if you ask the fans of this Netflix comedy show, they're down for the political puns to keep coming. "Season 2 is a riot," one fan tweeted. "It capitalizes on everything good about Season 1, and just adds more. Steve Carell takes comedy to another level, and I am just ALL IN."

And we are right there with you, @RCDiscussion! Be sure check out this crowd-favorite over on Netflix and stay tuned for more updates coming your way about your favorite comedy releases!

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