Space Cadets and Aliens Unite in Wes Anderson's 'Asteroid City'


| LAST UPDATE 03/30/2023

By Riley Hammond
comedy trailer Asteroid City
Asteroid City (2023) Wes Anderson/IndianPaintbrush via IMDB

Grab your popcorn, folks, because this summer, we're in for a real treat! Looks like Wes Anderson has a romantic comedy-drama - Asteroid City - in progress, and the trailer is out for those who can't wait for a sneak peek at what's coming.

If you're looking for a movie that is equal parts hilarious, heartwarming, and downright absurd, look no further. Set in the American desert town of Asteroid City in the 1950s, the movie follows a group of Junior Stargazers/Space Cadets competing in a scholarly competition, a convention where parents and students unite in academic competition. But, as you can probably guess, things don't exactly go according to plan. Alien encounters, unexpected twists, and world-changing events are all part of this movie's charm. And, of course, Wes Anderson's signature quirky humor takes the story to a whole other level.

Wes Anderson Asteroid City
Marc Piasecki / Contributor via Getty Images
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But let's talk about the cast - and what a cast it is! Margot Robbie, Tom Hanks, Hong Chau, Scarlett Johansson, Jeffrey Wright, Tilda Swinton, Bryan Cranston, Ed Norton, Adrien Brody, Liev Schreiber, Hope Davis, Stephen Park, Rupert Friend, Maya Hawke, Steve Carell, Matt Dillon, Jason Schwartzman, Willem Dafoe, Tony Revolori, Jake Ryan, Grace Edwards, Aristou Meehan, Sophia Lillis, Ethan Lee, Jeff Goldblum, and Rita Wilson - yep, you read that right, all of them are in it! Each of these talented actors brings their unique style to the movie, and the result is nothing short of brilliant. The trailer for Asteroid City dropped recently, and let's just say it's everything we hoped for and more. Wes Anderson's imaginative direction, combined with the impressive cast, makes this movie one of the most highly-anticipated of the year.

And when it comes to a Wes Anderson film, you know there are going to be moments of intimacy, laughter, and heartache that will leave you feeling all the feels. But ultimately, it's the film's warmth, charm, and humor that are sure to win audiences over. So, make sure you mark your calendars- it's set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, and is slated for release in theaters on June 16. Trust us - you do not want to miss this cinematic masterpiece!

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