Sofia Vergara Tries Her Luck With Hilarious Challenge on 'The Tonight Show'


| LAST UPDATE 05/27/2021

By Kayla Black
sofia vergara funny appearance
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Jimmy Fallon welcomed comedy actress Sofia Vergara to The Tonight Show for a hilariously deceiving challenge. Moderated by the show's announcer, Steve Higgins, the two stars participated in a quiz with an edible twist. And fans were treated to some pretty funny reactions along the way.

Jimmy Fallon Sofia Vergara
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The game worked like this: Higgins asked multiple-choice questions, and Sofia and Jimmy had to answer by choosing the corresponding cupcake (labeled A, B, or C). The two battled it out to the enjoyment of viewers. And, lucky for us, they often guessed wrong. Higgins started off the new show segment with some Simon Cowell trivia. Between One Direction, the Spice Girls, and the Teletubbies, the unsuspecting quiz players had to identify which acts had never been signed by the America's Got Talent judge. The two guessed wrong and were treated to a hummus-filled dessert. Fortunately for the competitors, there were buckets close by, but they couldn't hide their disgust. Sofia called out, "Who did this!" as she spat hers out.

Sofia Vergara Modern Family
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The Hollywood icons continued to brave through the questions. And while The Tonight Show host was able to guess correctly once, Vergara missed the mark. Other surprise fillings included Vegemite, corn beef, and tomato sauce. Anticipation grew with each round, thanks to The Roots' suspenseful percussion. But in the end, Sofia and Jimmy's faces revealed the truth. At one point, Fallon even sought refuge behind the desk, profusely apologizing to his guest for the disgusting challenge. "I think we're going to get sick, Jimmy," the actress said amongst audience laughter.

By the fourth question, Fallon had clearly had enough, as he draped a napkin over his head and struggled to even listen to Higgin's query. "Who cares," Jimmy interrupted mid-sentence. "I don't care anymore," the former Modern Family star yelled in agreement. It seemed as though the two didn't enjoy the game as much as we did: "This is a really dark episode of The Tonight Show," the host joked.

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Sofia Vergara Tonight Show
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Lucky for the comedic duo, the segment came to an end after the lightning round. While Sofia was declared the honorary winner, safe to say, the two lost their love of cupcakes... At least for the foreseeable future.