So Close But Yet So Far: Justin Bieber's Failed Attempts To Prank Friends


| LAST UPDATE 09/01/2021

By Scarlett Adler
E Online!

Justin Bieber took part in an undercover prank for Ellen Degeneres' show, and boy, was he left standing there red-faced. So, it went a little something like this. Ellen wanted to host segments of her show streaming from the Warner Bros Studios recreated restaurant of the television show, Friends.

Now, for this to work, she wanted Justin to go completely incognito as a part of the segment, assuming the role of an awkward photographer dude. He had one job, one job, guys! 

The Amed Post

Disguised as a Warner Bros hairy tour guide, the 26-year-old Justin, played up to the hidden cameras when friends, couples, and families were visiting the iconic Friends recreated set in Central Park cafe, giving them a photo op at the same time.

So, Justin went on to greet a group of people who were die-hard fans of the '90s television - some fans being a couple of teenage girls that tagged along with their families. Of course, the girls almost immediately recognized their biggest idol, even before getting to sit on the couch - and like, who wouldn't?

Today Show

Justin really thought he would pull it off by wearing a uniform, oversized glasses, and a cap - he really played the role well. Don't get us wrong, he did manage to dupe a lot of people into believing he was your average employee rather than one of the biggest pop stars on the planet. 

One couple, in particular, was completely under his spell while some called him out straight away.