'SNL' Hosts Epic 'Kenan & Kel' Reunion


| LAST UPDATE 12/07/2022

By Lily Tipton
Kenan Kel SNL Reunion
Ethan Miller via Getty Images

Who loves orange soda? Apparently, now, Kelly loves orange soda. Thanks to the brilliant mind of this weekend's SNL host Keke Palmer, our screens were blessed with a Kenan and Kel reboot, this time titled Kenan and Kelly. Nearly 27 years since the Nickelodeon show first aired, actors Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell reunited on the SNL stage, reprising their roles as hilarious best friends. The meta-sketch showed Keke roping Kenan into her big reunion idea, and things took a hilarious turn...

"It all happened so fast. I should have asked more questions." SNL star Kenan said remorsefully in a confessional-style interview. The camera then switched over to a flashback scene of Keke's hosting' rehearsal.' "I got this idea for a reboot," she told him. The pitch was a dramatic reimagining of the '90s sitcom, with her playing a female version of Kel's character - Kelly. "I had already sold the show before I even met Kenan. I told the producers we wrote it together," Keke admitted in the mockumentary.

Keke Palmer SNL Host
Vivien Killilea via Getty Images for Teen Vogue
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To the delight of the crowd, a replica of the Rigby convenience store set appeared, with Kenan back in his original work uniform. In a hilarious nod to Kel's overwhelming love of orange soda, we learn that Kelly loves the iconic drink just as much - drinking $5,000 worth in a pregnancy craving binge. And then, the moment we were all waiting for: the real Mitchell made his entrance, cradling the soda bottle just like he used to.

As for the dramatic tones of the reboot, the sketch featured Kel getting attacked during a store robbery, and a shocking baby-daddy reveal. "Kel's the father! I slept with him just to hurt you! Why do I hurt the ones I love most?" Kelly screamed out. While Palmer may have been pleased with the results, it appeared her most valued critic was not impressed. "Keke was gunning for an Emmy Award, so she wanted gritty, dramatic moments in it," Kenan said in the mockumentary. "I thought, 'That won't work.' And I was right." While Kenan may have thought it was "not good," we'll admit we loved every minute of it! Check out the full episode here.

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