A Sneak Peek at 'Succession' Season 4


| LAST UPDATE 03/27/2023

By Riley Hammond
Succession season 4 comedy
Succession (2018) HBO Max via IMDb

Exciting news for all the Succession fans out there! Season 3 of the gripping HBO Max show left the audience on the edge of their seats, wondering what will happen next. For those of you who were unable to keep up or missed the last season, let us fill you in.

After failing to stop their father Logan Roy (played by Brian Cox) from selling the family company, Waystar Royco, the Roy siblings - Shiv Roy (played by Sarah Snook), Kendall Roy (played by Jeremy Strong), and Roman Roy (played by Kieran Culkin) - were left in turmoil. To make things worse, Logan surprised everyone by enlisting their mother Caroline Collingwood (Harriet Mary Walter) to help him remove their right to a super-majority vote. Betrayal was everywhere, and tensions were high. In season 4, we can expect more of the same thrilling narrative, with some speculating about a Shiv pregnancy. This isn't the only potential shocker, as there could be plenty more twists in store. However, one bold prediction is that the show's end is not too far away. The heroic Brian Cox suggests that there might be only one or two more series of the show.

Succession Series HBO Max
Succession (2019) HBO Max via IMDb
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As always, the Succession cast and crew are tight-lipped about what surprises await us in the new season. Nonetheless, Matthew Macfadyen, who plays Tom Wambsgans, was willing to share a few titbits about his character's development in the show. He explained that Tom's switch from being the loyal husband of Shiv to betraying her by reporting to her father, Logan, was a long time coming. "I think something flipped," he told GQ UK in October 2021. "But when I read the last episode, I was like, 'This makes sense.'" Only a couple of months later, creator Jesse Armstrong, told Deadline, "I have a pitch for where and how I think we end. It’s not immutable in respect to my colleagues, we’ll chat about it and how many seasons that plays out over."

So, there you have it! The inside scoop on what to expect from Succession season 4. Will the Roy siblings get their revenge on their father and take back the company? Will Shiv and Tom's relationship survive this betrayal? We'll have to wait and see. The only thing for sure is that Succession is a show that'll keep you on the edge of your seat for every twist and turn.

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