Sharon Stone Reflects on 'SNL' Debut


| LAST UPDATE 01/29/2023

By Arianna Morgan
sharon stone snl performance
Marc Piasecki / Contributor via Getty Images

Sam Smith dazzled viewers yet again - with a stunning performance on Saturday Night Live last weekend! The pop sensation performed two of his most popular singles off of his upcoming new album — Unholy, with Kim Petras and Gloria with the legendary Sharon Stone by his side. Following the iconic performance, Stone sat down with Variety to discuss this iconic performance and what working alongside Smith looked like.

To start, the set design for the performance was both visually striking and symbolic. For their duet on Unholy, Smith rocked an oversized pink dress that hid Petras until she popped out from underneath to perform her rap moment alongside a pair of dancers. The second performance, Gloria, featured Smith stationery on stage backed by a 16-piece choir wearing black sparkled monks' robes and Total Recall's very own Sharon Stone laying on a divan - looking flawless! The performance went viral on social media, with many viewers praising Smith for his masterful vocal delivery and incredible vocal range. Stone herself said that she was honored to have been invited to participate in such an incredible production and that Smith's music and talent deeply moved her.

Sam Smith SNL Performance Unholy
 Derek White via Getty Images for iHeartRadio
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Following her surprise appearance, Stone talked with Variety about how she scored the coveted role and what being a part of such an enigmatic performance felt like. Just a month ago, Stone received a DM from the singer asking her to accompany him on SNL, and as it so happened, she was listening to Sam Smith's radio, so "the universe has already decided this," she said. As far as the direction of the performance, Stone revealed she got sketches of the stage set-up, including the choir and the box in front and Smith's vision. "Sam did not ask for anything from me," she told Variety, "just asked me if I would do it and trusted me. We just innately understand each other, at an almost intimate level," she expressed. And we could truly see their connection shine through the performance.

Sam Smith's Saturday Night Live performance was nothing short of spectacular—it showcased his unique vocal abilities as well as his knack for pushing boundaries by collaborating with unexpected guest stars like Sharon Stone. We can only wonder what his upcoming Gloria the Tour will look like... Stay tuned.

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