Shailene Woodley to Star in Upcoming Sci-Fi Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 06/23/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Shailene woodley, comedy, robot
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From futuristic dystopias to fending off illnesses, we've seen Shailene Woodley in just about every role. But the Divergent star's latest on-screen adventure will look slightly different - she'll be joining forces with an unlikely ally to fight off evil robots. Here's what we know so far about the upcoming comedy.

Shailene woodley, robots, comedy
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As Deadline reported, the film will follow a charming womanizer (played by comedian Jack Whitehall) and a conniving gold digger (played by Shailene) who are forced together after a life-changing discovery: 2 robot doubles of themselves had fallen in love and run away together. No big deal, right?

shailene woodley, upcoming comedy
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But while they'll be lots of action-packed drama headed our way, don't worry: we'll also be guaranteed a whole lot of laughs. Anthony Hines will be co-penning and co-directing the entire adventure. Name ring a bell? That's because the famed producer (pictured below, middle) is also the mastermind behind our favorite Kazakh journalist: Borat. Very nice!

Anthony hines, upcoming comedy
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Unfortunately, though, it appears we might be waiting a while before we get to tag along for the ride. As Deadline revealed, production is only set to begin in August. Nonetheless, we've got a feeling it'll be well worth the wait. "At a time when comedies are needed more than ever, I couldn’t be more delighted than to have Shailene and Jack team up to play the leads," as Hines put it. Same.

Shailene Woodley, comedy, robots
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In the meantime, we’ve got lots of other adventures to tide us over. From Big Little Lies to, of course, The Fault in Our Stars, Shailene Woodley’s long roster of Blockbusters is seemingly endless. As for her future co-star? Jack Whitehall’s also been quite the busy man these days - including his upcoming adventure, Jungle Cruise.

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Jack Whitehall, comedy, robots
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Set to release on July 30th, Jungle Cruise will feature a whole lot of other familiar faces. From the Rock to Emily Blunt, we’ve got a feeling we’re in for a real treat. Check out the Disney drama's official trailer here, and be sure to stay tuned for all the latest updates…