We Just Found Out Two 'School of Rock' Stars Are Married in Real Life


| LAST UPDATE 05/19/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Jack Black, School rock
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You wouldn't exactly pair a "security" bouncer and a backup singer together, but hey, the internet never ceases to amaze us. This past week, one TikTok user did some sleuthing of her own. And what she found out about two of School of Rock's finest has officially left us scrambling...

School of rock, couple
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On Monday, May 17, TikTok user @marfymae left the online world (and us, of course) buzzing after opening the lid on the off-screen couple we never knew existed: "Frankie and Marta from School of Rock!" the shocked blogger revealed. Yep, you read that right.


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Marta, otherwise known as “Blondie,” was the pig-tail-wearing student with a knack for hitting those high notes. Then, of course, there was Frankie, one of the security bouncers partnered alongside Billy (a.k.a “You’re tacky and I hate you.”). Safe to say, a whole lot has changed since their days as elementary rockers. Where exactly are they today?

School of rock, cast
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One look at their Instagram feeds, and it appears the two have been together for years now. According to People, Blondie (played by Caitlin Hale) now spends her days working as an OB-GYN ultrasound technologist. As for Frankie (played by Angelo Massagli)? He graduated from the University of Miami School of Law back in 2019. Not too shabby.

School of rock, couple
Instagram via @caitlinhale

In case you forgot, it’s actually been a while since we caught them last on our screens. According to IMDb, Massagli’s latest on-screen role was back in 2009, after starring in both Stuart Little 2 and The Sopranos years earlier (remember that?). But it appears his wife hasn’t quite put that acting bug to rest yet. One quick glance at Hale’s IMDb, and it appears she’s actually got lots in store for the rest of us…

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Caitlin Hale, School rock
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As the site puts it, the child-star has since swapped school bands for... slasher films? The actress is set to star in Grimmerson Manor, a horror movie set in an abandoned motel in the middle of nowhere (like any good scary movie, of course). And while we'll have to wait until October for the film's release date, we'd definitely stay tuned...