Get Ready to Laugh With 'Saturday Morning All Star Hits!'


| LAST UPDATE 11/12/2021

By Molly Houghton
Saturday Morning All Star Hits
Instagram via @kylemooney

Our screens are about to get a whole lot funnier: SNL's Kyle Mooney and Ben Jones's series Saturday Morning All Star Hits! will soon be streamable on Netflix. Here's what to expect from the new project.

New Netflix Comedy, Show
Instagram via @kylemooney

Get ready to laugh and feel nostalgic all at once: the upcoming show is a comedic celebration of everything that was the 80s and 90s pop culture. Creator Kylie Mooney will star as the hosts (yes, plural), Skip and Treybor, who will take audiences on a journey through the Saturday Morning cartoon world. All Star Hits! will include live-action bits mixed in with animation.

Netflix animated comedy
Instagram via @kylemooney

Ben Jones created the series along with Mooney, and both serve as executive producers. And the comedy icons got quite the team on board: Andrew Singer, Katy Jenson, Lorne Michaels, Joel Kuwahara, Dave McCary, Scott Gairdner, and Scott Greenberg are all producers on the show. The eight-part series is set to premiere on December 10.

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Instagram via @kylemooney

"It's a tribute to 80's and 90's TV and Saturday morning cartoons," Kyle wrote on Instagram. He added, "And I can't wait for you to see it!!!" Mooney is the latest of the renowned Saturday Night Live cast to take on more projects outside of Studio 8H. The comedian's time in the spotlight has been a long time coming.

Kyle Mooney New Show
Instagram via @kylemooney

"I went to USC, and I started doing improv and sketch comedy, and ultimately met and made some friends doing that, including Beck Bennet who's now on SNL with me, and our friends Nick and Dave and all of started making videos for YouTube," Mooney previously explained. "This was kind of at the beginning of YouTube. We were called Good Neighbor. That was our sketch group, and we found some popularity online and kind of parleyed that into a living."

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And with his success taking off, Kyle ultimately made it to SNL. But life at Rockefeller 30 has its downsides: the writer described how "frustrating" it is to have sketches cut last-minute. "But I also know how the show works and that a lot of the show is dictated by how the dress rehearsal audience responds to the material," he added. "Sometimes, our material doesn't warrant a ton of laughs. It's pretty democratic in the sense that if a piece isn't working, it might not land on the show."

You can catch Mooney and all of his 80s/90s shenanigans soon on Netflix.