Ronny Chieng Is Headed to Chinatown in New Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 02/01/2022

By Kayla Black
ronny chieng netflix comedy
Jesse Grant / Stringer via Getty Images

Is there a better way to celebrate Chinese New Year than with a new hilarious comedy project from Ronny Chieng himself? Well, we certainly don't think so - and that's why we couldn't be more excited for Netflix's upcoming YouTube project, Ronny Chieng Takes Chinatown. Trust us, this isn't something you're going to want to miss...

Netflix dropped the trailer on January 31 - and the buzz was immediate. The now-viral trailer has been viewed thousands of times across multiple platforms, and people are standing by waiting for the full-length project to hit YouTube. But until then, we have more than enough to LOL over from the trailer alone. The short film tells the story of Ronny Chieng, as he makes a last-ditch effort to save a legendary Chinatown restaurant from closure. He's joined by countless other Asian American stars along the way who spare no expense when throwing digs at The Daily Show correspondent. In fact, it seems like secondary to saving the local restaurant, Chieng takes on this mission to improve his reputation amongst Asian American comedy fans. "You know if you tried a little harder, Asian Reddit would like you more," one tough-loving co-star joked (below).

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And so, the hilarious plot is born: to salvage the restaurant and become a "Chinatown hero," Ronny embarks on a mission to round up as many famous Asian Americans as he can to stop by and make it a guaranteed success. But, it's clear that not everyone's as enthusiastic as he is about the idea. "Let me guess, you want some Jeremy Lin clout for your stupid event," the Beijing Ducks legend clapped back at Chieng's invitation. And of course, Ronny bumps into his Marvel co-star Simu Liu, who wastes no time in rubbing his fame in Chieng's face. From start to finish, this one-minute trailer left viewers in stitches and certainly raised the hype about the full-length release headed our way.

ronny chieng netflix comedy
Dia Dipasupil / Staff via Getty Images

So get ready, the project will be dropping on February 1st on the Netflix Is A Joke YouTube channel! And, of course, be sure to check back soon for all things comedy-related.

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