Rob Lowe Hilariously Hosts ‘Attack of the Hollywood Clichés!’


| LAST UPDATE 09/29/2021

By Kayla Black
rob lowe comedy special
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Netflix Comedy has really outdone itself this time. Get ready for Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! featuring Rob Lowe. This hilarious Netflix special digs deep into some of our favorite cinematic storylines. And once you understand the truth behind them, chances are that you'll never think of them the same.

attack of the hollywood cliches
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The hour-long special features comedy legend Rob Lowe as he walks us through some of the most clichés that have developed in the film industry over the years. From "one-man armies, meet-cutes, [and] casual strolls away from huge explosions," Netflix's hilarious roast talks the industry's most infamous storylines. The special was created by Charlie Brooker, a British television presenter, who has made quite the name for himself thanks to his satirical commentary and creative genius in Black Mirror. He took his sarcastic humor and channeled it into this latest project. The Netflix special exposes the repetitive nature of some of the biggest blockbusters of our time - all while delivering serious laughs along the way.

As host, Rob Lowe was also joined by Florence Pugh, Andrew Garfield, Andie MacDowell, and countless others as they unpacked the cookie-cutter movie tricks from Hollywood - even at the expense of some of their own projects. From industry experts to big movie stars, Brooker pulled out all the stops in proving his point. It seemed as though no film genre was safe: action, romance, comedy, and dramas were all roasted during this lighthearted celebration.

new netflix comedy special
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While digs were made and secrets were revealed, Rob Lowe and the creative team behind Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! looked at the positives and reminisced about the "industry jokes" that have come to define Hollywood cinema. And based on the feedback from the Instagram promotion of this new special? Movie fans from around the world are eager to uncover the truth behind the legendary plotlines.

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Want to discover the clichés for yourself? Check out Attack of the Hollywood Clichés! now streaming on Netflix.