A Look at Ricky Gervais’ Latest Comedy Special


| LAST UPDATE 05/06/2022

By Lily Tipton
Ricky Gervais, Netflix Special
Dave J Hogan via Getty Images

Now that it's May, the final countdown to the new Ricky Gervais Netflix comedy special has officially begun! Titled SuperNature, our favorite British comedian will undoubtedly have us crying with laughter in our seats as he whips out his latest set of 'out-there' jokes. The show, which he performed last year across Europe on tour, was filmed and morphed into an exclusive film for Netflix. Following the smash-hit success of his 2018 Netflix comedy special, Humanity, the streaming giant was understandably keen to strike up another deal with the comedian. So what can we expect?

The SuperNature tour's positive statistics and reviews foreshadow the likely success of its streaming release. Gervais's European tour was classed as the biggest comedy tour of 2021 and brought in $30 million from ticket sales. SundayWorld described the show as "brilliantly ridiculous." "Gervais touches on his uncomfortable medical examinations, how he is dealing with life now that he has toasted his 60th birthday, and a series of topics most comedians would avoid for fear of being struck down by the apology police," they wrote.

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In anticipation of the release, Netflix uploaded a sneak peek, letting fans watch the first one minute of the performance. The teaser's brief description read, "Ricky Gervais gives his take on the rules of comedy, spoiling his cats and how super actual nature is in his second Netflix stand-up special." "Welcome to my show," he opens. "Uh, it's not a show. There's no dancers or jugglers; it's basically a bloke talking, um, which is essentially what stand-up comedy is, isn't it?" We can always rely on Ricky Gervais to say it as it is.

Ricky Gervais, After Life
David M. Benett/Dave Benett via Getty Images

For those who just cannot wait till the end of the month, Gervais currently stars in the scripted comedy show on Netflix called After Life, which is the perfect three-season binge to get you through the month. You can also catch the comedian in The Willoughbys and Derek, which are also Netflix gems. Invite your friends over and set the date for the SuperNature release - available on May 24th on Netflix!

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