29+ Richest Fictional Characters According to Critics, Ranked


| LAST UPDATE 08/10/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock

After watching their lives pan out on our screens, we thought we knew everything there was to know about them. But according to Forbes and other critics, these fictional characters are wealthier than we ever imagined.

37. Cruella de Vil - $875 Million

The 65-year-old glamor-obsessed heir has marked her spot in a life of luxury. After being exposed to the world of riches and royalty at a young age, her fur coat infatuation propped her into the fashion scene.

Cruelle de Vil DisneyCruelle de Vil Disney
Walt Disney Studios via YouTube

The 101 Dalmatians villain felt she was born to make a statement from a young age. She obtained most of her money through inheritance, but immortal acts eventually exposed her true lust for fortune. This included, of course, stealing Dalmatian puppies - as well as her iconic red and black car, resembling a Mercedes Benz 500K Cabriolet.

36. Lucille Bluth - $950 Million

An outspoken matriarch with a drink always in tow, Mrs. Bluth once lived the good life. The Arrested Development character famously received heritage funds from her imprisoned husband, George Bluth - leaving her worth millions. And she had no problem spending it...

arrested development jessica walterarrested development jessica walter
20th Century Fox Television/Kobal via Shutterstock

As well as running a dysfunctional real estate empire, Lucille spent her time finessing her way through life. Her favorite expenditure? The Cloudmir imported vodka from Newport Beach, a family drink enjoyed on multiple occasions - resulting in her considering it as one of her brands.

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35. Jay Gatsby - $1 Billion

Earning the big bucks from bootlegging alcohol and fake stocks was how Mr. Gatsby became, well, The Great Gatsby. Though his intentions were true, his actions were dishonest. Inspired and determined to become rich, he used his learnings and yearnings to charm his way into the lavish lifestyle - and become a master at parties.

great gatsby leo dicapriogreat gatsby leo dicaprio
Moviestore via Shutterstock

After growing up in a low-income family of farmers in North Dakota, at 17, he left the animals behind for a new life. The deranged dreamer achieved his American dream after meeting "multi-millionaire yachtsman" Dan Cody. He joined the polo-playing folks over in West Egg, purchased a 12-bedroom mansion, and the rest is history.

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34. Chuck Bass - $1.1 Billion

Son to real estate agent Bart Bass, Chuck Bass, also snagged a spot on our rich list. With the Gossip Girl playboy's only interests being women and money, Chuck Bass proceeded to impress outcasts with his flamboyant fashion and high-priced investments.

gossip girl chuck wealthgossip girl chuck wealth
Patrick Harbron/Cw Network/Kobal via Shutterstock

The vanity of Bass led him to seek a high-standard way of living. Growing up with a dad who had "more towers than Trump, and more bucks than Bloomberg," he had a mind full of money. He owned 51% of his father's real estate company, purchased Upper West Side's Empire Hotel, became CEO of Bass Industries, and worked around nightclubs.

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33. Lady Mary Crawley - $1.1 Billion

Devoted to tradition, stability and legacy, Lady Mary Crawley is surely not one to reckon with when it comes to boasting about wealth. Coming from a family who was driven and obsessed with money by inheritance, they definitely knew how to keep it safe.

downton abbey cast wealthdownton abbey cast wealth
Jaap Buitendijk/Focus/Kobal via Shutterstock

Widowed and left in charge of Downton Estate - and a family fortune tied to Grantham Estate - Crawley was smart about sharing her status. "Don't put it all in one stock, ask for a raise… and beware of the gold-diggers," she famously warned. And, as our Downton Abbey fans know, it was all done with pure elegance!

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32. Mr. Monopoly - $1.2 Billion

Officially named Rich Uncle Pennybags, the boss of all location boards made his fortune through investments in real estate in Atlantic City. Prone to negotiation and with an eye for high-value assets, Mr. Monopoly still continues to rake in the big bucks.

Mr Monopoly Game RichMr Monopoly Game Rich
Collegehumor via YouTube

Mr. Monopoly has always got cash in his hands, ready to make investments to further buy and sell properties. He has become a "symbol of extreme wealth, capitalism, and greed" after investing in houses and hotels all around the world and simply "watching his fortune come in at the expense of others."

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31. Lara Croft - $1.3 Billion

Raised by an aristocrat family in London, Lara Croft had a kick-start in her money-making career and superiority. Growing up with the best tips and tricks in the book, Croft became a fearless explorer in search of treasures and artifacts - becoming one of the two women on our rich list.

Lara Croft Tomb RaiderLara Croft Tomb Raider
Alex Bailey/Lawrence Gordon/Mutual Film/Paramount/Kobal via Shutterstock

Croft was disowned by her family when she decided to become a mercenary and "skilled thief." As well as her ongoing hunt for ancient valuables, she also "pays major dividends," driving a return of major wealth. With money to spare, she spends her time and money traveling the world, always up for another adventure.

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30. Walden Schmidt - $1.3 Billion

Despite going through a reckless divorce, Two and a Half Men's Walden Schmidt might be the most relaxed billionaire we know. After designing a website and selling it to Microsoft as a determined teenager, Schmidt's fortune was signed, sealed, and delivered.

ashton kutcher two menashton kutcher two men
Warner Bros Tv/Chuck Lorre Prod/Kobal via Shutterstock

Schmidt spent his successful years behaving like a man-child, refusing to accept and adapt to adult responsibilities whilst living with friend Alan Harper. Though he had "more money than god if god only had 900 million," Schmidt didn't quite know what to do with it.

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29. Charles Montgomery Burns - $1.3 Billion

After announcing a technology exchange with North Korea's Leader, Charles Montgomery Burns became the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant. His powerful status brought an "evil, devious, and greedy" persona leading him to kidnap puppies, steal Christmas, and run over Bart Simpson.

Mr Burns The SimpsonsMr Burns The Simpsons
WatchMojo.com via YouTube

The Simpsons villain enjoyed taking advantage of his wealth. He spent his time oppressing assistant Waylon Smithers Jr. and terrorizing the residents and employees of Springfield. Though, after being expelled from billionaire camp, Mr. Burns lost a chunk of his fortune, slipping his net worth down to a cool $996 million.

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28. Tywin Lannister - $1.8 Billion

Securing his reign as perhaps the most powerful person in the North of Dorne, it's no surprise Tywin Lannister has been spotted by Forbes. His wealth from family-controlled gold mines gave him enough money and power to become more influential than the King himself.

Tywin Lannister GOT CharacterTywin Lannister GOT Character
Zurik23M via YouTube

Despite not being King of Westeros, the Game of Thrones patriarch used his wealth to control the largest gold mine in all 7 kingdoms, as well as to fund the entire nation. Other expenditures went towards armies of 30,000 men to defeat The Riverlords, food, wine, castles, and "of course paying his debts."

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27. Artemis Fowl - $1.9 Billion

This 12-year-old "criminal mastermind" was once named "the smartest person of his generation." Starting in his early days as a thief stealing valuable artifacts, the villain turned genius became a symbol of wealth after discovering a "world below ground of armed and dangerous."

Disney Channel Famous CharactersDisney Channel Famous Characters
Disney via YouTube

The Artemis Fowl child genius held the traits of a villain, disguised as a hero trying to restore his family's fortune. His immoral yet brilliant self decided to kidnap fairy Holly Short, "holding her for ransom" after discovering the 'Hostage Fund of Fairy Gold.' Safe to say, we wouldn't want to get on this kid's bad side.

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26. Gomez Addams - $2 Billion

Despite being merely mortal, proud father figure of the monstrous Addams Family secured his success in investments. Originally heavily invested in Wall Street, Gomez turned his interests towards Buzzard (animal) farm, salt mines, tombstone factories, and uranium mines - where the real money makers were. 

addams family gomez richaddams family gomez rich
Melinda Sue Gordon/Paramount/Kobal via Shutterstock

Thanks to their father's wealth, money was never a problem for the Addams family. Their financial stability was pretty evident, specifically when faced with a billion-dollar sale for an "intergalactic getaway," to which the entire family "appeared unbothered." Oh, and have ya seen their mansion?

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25. Sir Topham Hatt - $2 Billion

Controller and mastermind of the North Western Railway, Mr. Hatt has undoubtedly secured success for life. With the majority of the industries relying on the railway system on the Island of Sodor, the Railway Series character is the go-to guy to get around. 

Topham Hatt Fictional CharacterTopham Hatt Fictional Character
Thomas & Friends via YouTube

He is strict yet funny, kind, and caring towards them - and it is highly unheard of for him to scold the engines when they couldn't do a job to his standard. In contrast, there is not much else to do on the island, Sir. Hatt has never really explored his wealth that much.

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24. Thurston Howell III - $2.1 Billion

Before washing up onto Gilligan's Island, Thurston Howell III made his fortune from his incredible business skills, formulating Howell Industries and becoming a billionaire. After inheriting wealth from his father, Mr. Howell comes to possess 12 corporations, as well as 5,000 employees.

Thurston Howell Giligans IslandThurston Howell Giligans Island
FactsVerse via YouTube

Before becoming shipwrecked, he had a butler, multiple maids, a chef, a gardener, and a chauffeur. Refusing to do manual labor, he watched the Gilligans work hard while he relaxed and listened to the stock market. Though, he was generous regarding his wealth, promising to make the Gilligans heirs and heiresses to his fortune.

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23. Christian Grey - $2.5 Billion

Perhaps it's no surprise that Christian Grey was exceptionally wealthy. Being a 27-year-old CEO of Grey Enterprises and earning $100,000 per hour with 40,000 employees, he placed himself in the under 30 top 5 American CEOs. Fifty Shades of Grey's savvy business owner clearly had money to burn.

jamie dornan fifty shadesjamie dornan fifty shades
Moviestore via Shutterstock

As a global leader in communications technologies, Mr. Grey had many options for expenditure. From buying beauty salons and publishing companies, he further purchased Audi sports cars, helicopters costing up to $1.7 million, and swanky apartments - while investing the most money into his love interest Anastasia Steele.

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22. The Tooth Fairy - $3.9 Billion

For someone so tiny, there are big bucks in their pocket: the mythical tooth fairy has secured a massive fortune from its dental disposal business. The business dates back to 1200 in Northern Europe, when children pocketed money in exchange for their lost teeth. Considering each tooth cost about $4.75, well, let's do the math.

tooth fairy myth movietooth fairy myth movie
Foxvan Prods/Kobal via Shutterstock

It's still unclear how the tooth fairy spends their money and who the mysterious tooth fairy is - whether they are male or female. However, there must be enough tooth fairies in the world to cater to every child, raking in the big bucks enough for Forbes to place them on our rich list.

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21. Forrest Gump - $5.7 Billion

After endorsing a brand of Chinese ping-pong paddles, owning the only shrimp boat left in town, and purchasing shares in Apple Inc, Forrest Gump was innocently aware of how wealthy he really was. The Bubba Gump Shrimp Company owner had "more money than Davy Crockett."

forrest gump tom hanksforrest gump tom hanks
Paramount/Kobal via Shutterstock

Forrest Gump's lead role might just be the most humble and approachable businessman. Once his mom told him they "don't need to worry about money," Gump spent his money wisely. He gave a chunk to the Foursquare Gospel Church and the Battery Fishing Hospital. Though he didn't need a job, he also continued to cut grass for locals.

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20. Richie Rich - $5.8 Billion

Born as an only child into an extremely wealthy family, Richie Rich was set for life the moment he was brought into the world. As the youngest billionaire, he became the heir to the Rich fortune. After his parents' passing, he inherited his dad's wealth and sought control over Rich science and inventions industries.

Macaulay Culkin comedy movieMacaulay Culkin comedy movie
Silver/Davis/Kobal via Shutterstock

For a child billionaire, money might go to waste on candy and the coolest gadgets around. However, Richie used his wealth and power for good intentions - including investments in projects that he believed would make the world better. A+ for Macaulay Culkin!

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19. Adrian Veidt - $7 Billion

Better known as Ozymandias, this Watchmen character, like many other superheroes, inherited his wealth. But, rather than following the stereotype and being led astray by his overwhelming fortune, Veidt took matters into his own hands and gave it all to charity. He wanted to prove a superhero can come from nothing.

Adrian Veidt Ozymandias WatchmenAdrian Veidt Ozymandias Watchmen
Warner Bros/Dc Comics/Kobal via Shutterstock

He founded Veidt Enterprises, a global manufacturing company, which, according to money inc., earned him a net worth of $7 billion and placed him in the superhero billionaire club. While we won't commend his controversial superhero ways, we can't help but admire his tenacious efforts to make billions on his own. 

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18. Carter Pewterschmidt - $ 7.2 Billion

Lois Griffin, the wife of Peter Griffin in the animated comedy Family Guy, was born into a very wealthy family. Her father, Carter Pewterschmidt, made his billions as the owner of a large steel company and, according to money inc., has a net worth of $ 7.2 Billion.

Carter Pewterschmidt Family GuyCarter Pewterschmidt Family Guy
FOX Image Collection via Getty Images

Unfortunately, for the Griffins, Pewterschmidt is not known for his charitable ways - and that extends even to his own family. Rarely handing over cash to his daughter, his character is often villainized as the selfish and careless member of the cast. He certainly provides the laughs, though!

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17. Willy Wonka - $8 Billion

He's the owner of the coolest chocolate factory in the world: after shutting his business for a long hiatus, his financial status still allowed him to re-open through profitable business choices. Mr. Wonka trademarked himself as an exceptional innovator, securing himself an extraordinarily sweet lifestyle.

willy wonka gene wilderwilly wonka gene wilder
Wolper/Warner Bros/Kobal via Shutterstock

Growing up, Mr. Wonka was not allowed to enjoy candy, leading him to pursue his dream of letting children worldwide enjoy the treats that he couldn't. The Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory star invented everlasting gobstoppers, fizzy lifting drinks, and the famous 'Wonka Bar.' Not all heroes wear capes, clearly.

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16. Jabba the Hutt - $8.4 Billion

One look at this Star Wars character, and it's seemingly apparent that he made his fortunes through a life of crime. Jabba the Hutt oozes mafia boss vibes, and that's pretty much the role he took on in the underground side of the galaxy. Everyone, from the Republic to the Empire, feared him.

Jabba Hutt Star WarsJabba Hutt Star Wars
Lucasfilm/Kobal via Shutterstock

Described as "the wealthiest gangster in a hundred worlds," his brutal and inhumane ways earned him the fear he needed to control the planet Tatooine. He oversaw everything that took place, including slavery and the black market. As calculated by money inc., this is how his net worth reached a whopping $8.4 billion.

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15. Gordon Gekko -$8.5 Billion

The 1987 film, Wall Street, taught us many things about money and the stock market. Unfortunately, the message it portrayed at its core was that "greed is good." For the movie's main character, Gordon Gekko, no amount of money would ever be enough, and he would do whatever it took to get it.

Wall Street Gordon WealthWall Street Gordon Wealth
20th Century Fox/Kobal via Shutterstock

While we'd love to say that this approach backfired, this wasn't so. With his company, Gekko & Co., he made billions of dollars through financial investments and corporate takeovers. After a brief stint in jail for insider trading and fraud, he quickly returned to his old ways, accumulating a net worth of $8.5 billion.

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14. Bruce Wayne - $9.2 Billion

Despite being the greatest superhero in Gotham City, Bruce Wayne - or should we say, Batman - is also the wealthiest bachelor up for grabs. Though he was born into a family that was very comfortable financially, he grew committed to fighting for his city for the safety of the citizens.

Bruce Wayne Batman Character Bruce Wayne Batman Character
Warner Bros Entertainment via YouTube

The undercover superhero became the heir to Wayne Enterprises - owned by his father - after his parents passed away when he was eight years old. Bruce's adult life as a billionaire called for an expensive bachelor pad 'Wayne Manor,' gadgets, and a variety of high-tech cars like the 'Batmobile.'

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13. Jed Clampett - $9.2 Billion

A rare entry on this list, Jed Clampett, a main character in the '60s television series The Beverly Hillbillies, credits his great financial fortune to a spell of good luck. Unlike the rest who were born into wealth or climbed to the top of the economic chain, Jed simply woke up rich.

Jed Rich Beverly HillbilliesJed Rich Beverly Hillbillies
Silver Screen Collection via Getty Images

During a routine hunting expedition, Jed remarkably discovered he had been living on an oil-rich property all this time. Overnight, this incredible revelation turned him into a billionaire. According to money inc., it was $9.2 billion, to be exact. Most importantly of all, it made him the richest fictional hillbilly in history.

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12. Lex Luthor - $10.1 Billion

If one is to go up against Superman, one must have the means to do so. The ultimate supervillain, Lex Luthor, believed he had what it took to get the job done and take down one of the greatest superheroes of all time. Although he didn't actually have any superpowers himself, he had plenty of cash to go around.

Lex Luthor Superman SupervillainLex Luthor Superman Supervillain
Moviestore via Shutterstock

With an estimated worth of $10.1 Billion, according to money inc., he was holding onto the phrase, "there's nothing money can't buy." As for how he made his fortunes? All we know is that he was a self-made genius billionaire. We can only imagine what he would have achieved if he had put his brains and wealth to good use.

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11. Charles Foster Kane - $11.2 Billion

Growing up in poverty was only a motivational push for Charles Foster Kane. After his family struck gold through mining, the Kane Empire became dominant over the biggest media companies in the world - with over 37 newspapers, 13 magazines, and a radio network.

Citizen Kane Cast CharacterCitizen Kane Cast Character
Bettmann / Contributor via Getty Images

Using his family's inheritance, the Citizen Kane heir relied on yellow journalism upon acquiring The New York Inquirer. The single newspaper turned into multiple successes, building empire upon empire. From the first grocery stores to paper mills, apartments, factors, forests, and more, it became clear the Kanes struck gold.

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10. Tony Stark - $12.4 Billion

After achieving two master's degrees at 19, becoming a resident genius, philanthropist, and the first-ever Avenger, Iron Man's Tony Stark was another undercover billionaire. Similar to Bruce Wayne, Stark "adopted" his father's business, Stark Industries, worth $20.3 billion. Not a bad head start. 

tony stark iron mantony stark iron man
Marvel/Disney/Kobal via Shutterstock

Stark contributed his genius brain and wealth towards impeccable inventions like his Iron Man armor and gadgets to fight off his biggest enemy Iron Monger - as well as his famous Iron Man suit. However, he was also very charitable with his money, making him stand out from other fictional billionaires.

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9. Mom - $15.7 Billion

This woman doesn't often come to mind when we think of super-rich cartoon characters, but Carol Miller (Mom) from Futurama is far wealthier than the rest. What she does have in common with her well-off peers is her evil spirit, often making Mr. Burns seem like the nice guy.

Futurama Cartoon Villain CarolFuturama Cartoon Villain Carol
IMDb - Futurama (1999) via Fox Television Animation

With her sharp, ice-melting ice ways, she made her way to the top, becoming the CEO of MomCorp. As the massively successful industrial company behind many of the Earth's robots, this position gives her control over basically the entire universe. According to money inc., it also helped her net worth reach $15.7 billion.

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8. Ming The Merciless - $21 Billion

Also known as Ming or Emperor Ming, the Emperor of Mongo owned his own planet and earned his net worth through "interplanetary slave trade." The extraterrestrial ruler, in addition to his army, used his power and wealth to prevent the planet of Mongo from colliding with Earth.

famous villain ming mercilessfamous villain ming merciless
Universal/Kobal via Shutterstock

The Flash Gordon tyrant gained access to the latest gadgets, ranging from rocket ships to robots. Like father like daughter, both Ming and Princess Aura's power became defeated when distracted by Flash Gordon and partner Dale Arden. Nevertheless, their wealth and obedience from the population came from producing clean water for Mongo.

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7. Oliver 'Daddy' Warbucks - $36.2 Billion

The bald and bold billionaire earned his wealth from being a defense contractor. Warbucks continued his profession as an industrialist after the war but overturned his interests into philanthropy. From "harsh businessman" to adoptive father of orphan Annie.

annie daddy warbucks actorannie daddy warbucks actor
Moviestore via Shutterstock

After choosing fatherhood over corporate contracts, Warbucks donated billions to charities and continued to supply the government with weapons. Considering America has one of the largest and most notable military forces, it's hard to imagine just how much Warbucks is worth. Not to mention, his income continues to rise...

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6. Carlisle Cullen - $46 Billion

Perhaps it makes sense that someone who had been alive for 343 years became extremely rich. After making incredible investments back in 1670, alongside a successful medical career, Carlisle Cullen amassed great wealth. A father of five with a loving wife, the Twilight patriarch lived in luxury for a very long time.

Carlisle Cullen Twilight ActorCarlisle Cullen Twilight Actor
Movieclips via YouTube

Living through four centuries allowed his interest to continue, all while relying on the compound interest of properties. In addition to his business successes, the father saved money on human necessities such as food, drink, and medical bills, so they had plenty left for cars, properties - and of course, vampire essentials.

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5. Santa Claus - $51 Billion

It is almost expected that someone who is the hub of happiness and the sole source of joy every Christmas is incredibly wealthy. Santa Claus owns a factory with the help of 5,000 elves to make toys and deliver them to 1.9+ billion children across the world. So, it is likely Santa's income is quite hefty.

santa claus christmas moviesanta claus christmas movie
Michael Gibson/Netflix/Kobal via Shutterstock

Mr. Claus has used his wealth to benefit and fulfill all Christmas wishes. From purchasing a rocket-powered candy cane scooter to make his way around his factory to a foolproof sleigh powered by nine magical flying reindeer, this mythical character has clearly got it all.

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4. Flintheart Glomgold - $52 Billion

He's the 2nd wealthiest duck in the world: Glomgold, the Scottish and mischievous duck, was hailed from South Africa after attaining high skills in diamond mining. His love for money and gold is real - however, the intentions behind his wealth are dishonest.

Flintheart Glomgold Scrooge DuckFlintheart Glomgold Scrooge Duck
Disney Channel via YouTube

After winning a bet with rival Scrooge McDuck, Glomgold hit the jackpot. Typically known to break the law to achieve his financial goals, the DuckTales villain boasted ruthless, cunning, and greedy attributes. He hated being second and thrived over immoral shortcuts to become number one.

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3. Smaug the Dragon - $54.1 Billion

The Lord Of The Ring antagonist, also known as Smaug the Dragon, takes third place on Forbes's rich list. After invading the town of Dale and hijacking the dwarves' lonely mountain, Smaug forced King Thrór and his people into exile. This made Smaug the proud new owner of previously collected gold, gems, and treasures.

Smaug Dragon The HobbitSmaug Dragon The Hobbit
Movieclips via YouTube

The gold Smaug sits upon does not actually define his wealth. Smaug's only priority is to have ownership over it. Although Smaug has guarded the gold with this life, as a dragon, there is not much to do with it but sleep on top of it. That's one way to stay wealthy. Right?

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2. Scrooge McDuck - $65.4 Billion

He's the billionaire bird who stashes his money in the form of gold coins, kept safe and sound. After moving to Glasgow from the U.S., he found a golden rock that rocketed his fortune worldwide. The Disney cartoon character still owns the first dime he ever earned and prefers to remain humble about his wealth.

Scrooge McDuck Disney CartoonScrooge McDuck Disney Cartoon
daveleedownunder via YouTube

McDuck went from polishing boots on the streets of Glasgow "as a wee nipper" to owning the most prominent mining concerns. With a combination of stingy personality traits and savvy investments, McDuck knows not to spend his money unless necessary. He holds his fortune in a money bin looking over the City of Duckberg.

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1. T'Challa - $90.7 Trillion

Behind his cat-like reflexes and remarkable physical strength sits the key to Wakanda's wealth. As King of Wakanda - a kingdom excluded from the world - T'Challa is the commander in chief and has complete control over the world's entire reserve of vibranium.

black panther Chadwick Boseman black panther Chadwick Boseman
Moviestore via Shutterstock

As Time further reported, the Black Panther royal secured major wealth after gaining control over more than 10,000 tons of vibranium - "the rarest metal" - costing $10,000 per gram. However, he used his wealth on high-tech suits, which allowed him to walk on water and prevented him from kinetic-based attacks.

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