‘RHOD’ Star Takes On Stand Up Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 02/15/2022

By Conner Goodman
tiffany moon laugh factory
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As the future of The Real Housewives of Dallas still remains unclear, it looks like one star is already moving on to her next job. Dr. Tiffany Moon usually focuses on her career as a reality star or on medicine, but now she's stepping into the spotlight as a comedian! Here's what you need to know.

Recently, Moon and others headlined a comedy show in Los Angeles. She explained to People how it came to be: "It came to me, I did not seek it out." But it's not the only gig that happened to just fall in her lap. Moon works as an anesthesiologist in Dallas, Texas, who never thought about starring in RHOD. "I was never like, 'Oh, I want to be on Real Housewives.' I didn't want to try out for this show," she confessed. But, her good friend and fellow reality TV co-star, D'Andra Simmons, convinced her otherwise. "D'Andra was on it. Mama D was on, and I knew them. We hung out," Moon explained, "I went to their parties, and they were like, 'You should be on. You're funny. You have charisma, you can dish it back.' And then that happened."

RHOD Dr. Tiffany Moon
@tiffanymoonmd via Instagram
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Luckily she took their advice and went on the show because even after just one season, Moon became an instant fan favorite. And now, the mother of two has taken her humor elsewhere. Currently, the return of season 6 for RHOD is still being discussed by Bravo. As the reality TV star waits for the news of a return or not, she's taken up comedy. Once again, this was something her friends had pushed her into: "People were like, 'Oh, you're funny. You should try to do stand-up,'" Moon said. "And [comedian] Jiaoying [Summers] is responsible for all of this because she's a professional. We were shooting a Netflix special, and she was like, 'Open for me, [and] do a 10-minute set. I think you're funny.'"

At first, she was hesitant. "I was like, 'I don't know if I can do that,'" she recalled. "I guess what I'm saying is that people see something in me, and then they give me the opportunity to try it. For that, I'm grateful." Of course, before performing for the first time in front of a core, Moon got nervous. Yet still, she managed to give a hilarious show. As for now, she said her comedic gigs at The Laugh Factory are "her side project." Hopefully, she'll change her mind... Stay tuned.

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