The Reviews Are In: Kevin Hart’s ‘Me Time’ Breaks Record


| LAST UPDATE 09/06/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
kevin hart me time
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Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg just released their brand new Netflix comedy. For a couple of actors who have an almost perfect comedic track record, they have now experienced a slight setback - according to a Rotten Tomatoes review. While audience and critic reviews tend to differ, it wasn't the case with this production...

On August 26th, Netflix released the lighthearted film, Me Time. Kevin Hart plays a stay-at-home dad, Sonny Fisher. He typically runs his day around carpools, cooking family meals, putting the kids to bed, and repeating it the next day. Wahlberg plays the role of Huck, an old friend who Sonny "reconnects with" after his family goes away, embarking on a wild weekend. Sonny wanted to truly find himself, despite being a proud husband and dad of two. But Huck might have pushed him a little too far off the edge. Both taking part in crazy activities from partying to parachuting, we think they might have re-invented the term 'me time.' As for Rotten Tomatoes, they might have steered away from funny altogether. Even BGR Entertainment marked it as a record that "no actor should ever want."

Kevin Hart Mark Wahlberg
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Rotten Tomatoes discussed the 1 hour and 44-minute film. The 7% 'Tomatometer' score says just enough if a number said a thousand words. The top critics all agreed the film's script includes an unnecessary vast range of inappropriate jokes, "visual as well as verbal," noted Mark Feeney of the Boston Globe. While Nick Schager (The Daily Beast) dubbed the film as "Maybe Kevin Hart's worst movie yet...," the low ratings all seem to revert to the complicated context and humor. Considering the "juvenile jokes on body parts and body fluids," critics believe Wahlberg and Hart's talent was "wasted" on the film. Audience opinions still matter. However, the film still received a shocking audience score of 30%. Of course, some audiences tend to be drawn to this type of humor, as one commented, "I thought it was a really good film funny and caught my attention." And some viewers acknowledged the film as nothing out of the ordinary for a classic Hart-Wahlberg film, claiming "comedies aren't meant to be 5 stars anyway."

In retrospect, while this might not have been the height of both their careers, fans are still excited to see what other tricks they've got up their sleeves. Including, of course, Kevin Hart's new plant-based restaurant. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

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