Rachel, Monica, & Phoebe From 'Friends' Reunite for the Virtual 2020 Emmys

Taran Underwood

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David Hume Kennerly / Contributor

Get ready, Friends fans, because your favorite ladies from Central Perk, Rachel, Monica, and Phoebe, got together for their own reunion this past weekend. They reunited for a mini Emmys watch party, and it's almost like they're right back on the coffeehouse couch.

2020 Emmys Friends Reunion
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The entire cast intended to have a reunion this year, with all six members of the gang, but unfortunately, COVID restrictions prevented that from happening. The reunion's been postponed twice, and the ladies from the show couldn't bear to disappoint their fans with another cancellation.

Postponed Friends Reunion
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So, for now, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, and Lisa Kudrow gave us an incredible surprise at last night's virtual Emmys. One of the unique aspects of having the Emmys take place remotely was that it gave viewers the chance to get a sneak peek inside celebrities' homes. And when the screen switched to Jennifer Aniston's, well, fans were amazed to see this grace their screens.

Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, is that you?! Aniston even made a joke that she and Monica have been living together since 1994, in the same apartment we remember. Courtney Cox exclaimed, "Of course I'm here… We live together."

Rachel, Phoebe, Monica Friends Reunion
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Before we knew it, Lisa Kudrow, or as we like to call her, Phoebe, jumped on the screen, and it felt like we were watching Friends all over again. "Where else would I live?" Kudrow exclaimed after Jimmy Kimmel asked why she wasn't living with her real-life family.

Lisa Kudrow Friends Reunion
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While we're still patiently awaiting a reunion with the entire Friends cast, seeing this trifecta back on the couch together was certainly an incredible surprise! It's amazing to know they still keep in touch after all these years, don't you think?!