Prepare for Liftoff! Tom Cruise Is Officially Traveling To Space For His Newest Movie

Taran Underwood

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Buckle up everyone, because Tom Cruise is set to embark on a trip to space in 2021, in his upcoming movie with Elon Musk. The crew will be traveling in Musk's SpaceX Crew Dragon Capsule, and the trip will be organized by Axiom Space.

2021 Tom Cruise Space
Universal Pictures via Oblivion

The movie was announced earlier this year, and NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine, emphasized his excitement about the project. At that point, not many details had been released, but today, it's confirmed that Cruise has been working hard to get this mission underway all summer, with Universal Pictures.

Currently, director Doug Liman is still working on the script, along with Christopher McQuarrie, writer and director of the Missing: Impossible saga. McQuarrie is taking on the role of story advisor and producer, with the help of Cruise and PJ van Sandwijk, who are also producing the film.

Axiom Space Station will set off on a tourist mission next October, piloted by Commander Michael Lopez-Alegria. The film doesn't have a name just yet, but right now, it has an estimated budget of around $200 million.

Axiom Space Station Tom Cruise Space
Getty Images via Jeff Spicer

"If we can get Tom Cruise to inspire an elementary kid to join the Navy and be a pilot, why can't we get Tom Cruise to inspire the next Elon Musk? That's what we need," exclaimed Bridenstine.

Inspiration Tom Cruise Space
Universal Studios via Mission Impossible

While Cruise is no stranger to going on daring adventures since he's a Mission: Impossible icon, this might be his wildest task yet. Watch him travel to space and create an unbelievable movie aboard the International Space Station.