Nicole Byer Marks Netflix Return With New Comedy Special


| LAST UPDATE 12/06/2021

By Scarlett Adler
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Erik Voake/Getty Images for Netflix

The Netflix gods strike again. In only a matter of time, another comedy special will be hitting our screens. And if it's anything like we've seen before? You won't want to miss this one. From the hilarious plot to the release date, here's what we know about Nicole Byer's upcoming stand-up special.

nicole byer netflix special
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On Tuesday, December 7, the comedic legend will be making history as she returns to the place it all began: New York City. But Byer's time on the Gramercy Theater stage will be like nothing she's ever done before. Titled Big Beautiful Weirdo, the comedian's stand-up gig will mark her very first hour-long Netflix special. And you can bet she'll be coming in strong.

From "Karens gone wild" and "cat funerals" to "trying to hook up during lockdown," get ready for some raunchy fun as our favorite funny lady rehashes the rollercoaster that was 2021. Safe to say, this past year has been quite the ride - and while Miss Byer will be reminding us exactly that, we don't suggest tuning in with your children to this one. That's right, you may be used to watching her as the Nailed It host, but Nicole Byer won't exactly be playing nice in this hilariously unfiltered special.

As Netflix further teased, the comedian will be "discussing everything from how she basically is a vegan (she's just doing her part), what she's looking for in a man, and just how crazy this past year-and-a-half has been." Be sure to tune in on December 7 to join in on the fun for yourself. And once you've done with that? We've got quite the lineup for your next Netflix-and-chill...

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From Plastic Cup Boyz' return to the stage to Jerry Seinfeld's reign, we've scrounged up some of the best stand-up comedy specials on Netflix (right now!). And once Big Beautiful Weirdo debuts? We've got a feeling we'll be making some additions to our roster. In the meantime, grab that popcorn and stay tuned while we continue to update our watch list.

And, of course, happy streaming!