New and Returning Shows Coming to Netflix Throughout December

Taran Underwood

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There might still be a little while before we can expect presents under our Christmas trees, but until then, Netflix has us covered with some new and returning shows throughout this cheerful month of December. So what exactly do we have to look forward to? You might want to clear your calendar friends, because binge season is finally upon us.

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Big Mouth Season 4 is officially on it's way and if you haven't tried the raunchy series just yet, you might wanna get started. Voiced by hilarious comedians, including the likes of Nick Kroll, Maya Rudolph and Jason Mantzoukas, you can bet they'll manage to get a giggle or two out of you. The new season is said to be released on December 4th and we couldn't be more excited.

Next up we have Mr. Iglesias Season 3, which is set to be gracing one of our favorite streaming sites on December 8th. What can we expect? Well, stand-up comedian Gabriel "Fluffy" Iglesias is back and better than ever for the third installment of his comedy series. The funny guy plays a teacher who works at a public school, where his main goal is to help a group of misfits unlock their full potential.

Netflix December
IMDb- Home For Christmas (2019) via Netflix

For those of you looking for something with a little more romance, then Home for Christmas Season 2 should hold you down for the meantime. The Norwegian original comedy series takes us on Johanne's journey to find true love. Or at least bring someone home before the holidays. Excited? The countdown stars now until the 18th of December.

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If this wasn't enough to wet your appetite, then you've still got Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone's upcoming comedy series to look forward to. That's right, the 16-episode series is most likely going to have you crying from laughter. While the official release date has yet to be revealed, consider us excited. Happy holidays binge-watchers!