Netflix's The Babysitter Is Arguably the Best Comedy-Horror Franchise Since Scream

Molly Houghton

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This month Netflix released The Babysitter: Killer Queen, a sequel to the streaming site's original 2017 movie, The Babysitter. Almost three years after the first film was released, Killer Queen is bringing more comedy-drama to your screen.

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Both Babysitter films follow teenager Cole Johnson, who is being bullied in his high school. The terror begins when the adolescent finds out his babysitter, Bee, leads a satanic cult. The second film is set two years later, as Cole is being further ostracized in school.

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Johnson's classmates don't believe his tales of the satanic, sacrificial cult and his family think he is mentally unstable. The teen decides to escape to a party with some of his new friends, but the cultists from the first film come back from the dead for one last shot at revenge.

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The Babysitter franchise takes from the slasher movie sub-genre and grindhouse horror movies to create a mix of gruesome violence and comedy. The movie joins the likes of the 1996 horror film Scream in what is considered to be "self-aware" scary films.

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A self-aware horror movie knows it's supposed to be terrifying and acknowledges the genre's existing cliches. Through nods and winks at the audience, The Babysitter plays with the genre's tropes while still frightening the audience. So grab some popcorn and start your Halloween movie marathon early this year!