Netflix's Sneak Peak of 'America: The Motion Picture' Shows Off Allstar Cast Including Channing Tatum


| LAST UPDATE 09/22/2021

By Kayla Black
Channing Tatum
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Looks like Netflix has pulled another one out of the bag. Our favorite streaming site announced that America: The Motion Picture is set to premiere on June 30th. Comedy lovers are reacting to the teaser and what select details it revealed.

This latest animation is a fresh riff on the American Revolution and promises a stacked ensemble of American history's biggest names. So what do we know? This surprise sneak peek boasted a roster full of comedy's best and gave fans a sweet taste of what's to come. The clip features an electric guitar cover of the Star Spangled Banner playing over the reveal of this film's animated characters. And it just gets better. We've got Channing Tatum voicing a chainsaw-wielding George Washington, teamed with the beer-drinking Sam Adams. The duo set out to take down the Brits with some help along the way.

Oliva Munn new movie
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But that's not all... The cast roster goes from hilarious to hysterical with household names like Simon Pegg, Olivia Munn, and Bobby Moynihan. Of course, the talent isn't just inside the recording booth. Archer's very own Matt Thompson is producing with Wonder Woman 1984's Dave Callaham penning the script. These two big names are tasked with turning an elementary school history lesson into an action comedy, with the added layer of animation. Creating quality adult cartoons is no small feat, but Matt Thompson is a veteran in our books. His time as Executive Producer for Archer earned him critical praise and Emmy wins.

With the highly anticipated comical masterpiece already in post-production, we're on standby for a first trailer... Preferably one with a little more chatter. If there's one thing to expect, it's some witty dialogue from these comedy experts. The all-star cast and crew have definitely caught the attention of Netflix subscribers who are eagerly waiting for this hot new summer release. This announcement was just one in a stacked lineup of upcoming features for the entertainment powerhouse.

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Characters new Netflix film
America: The Motion Picture via Netflix Productions

Will June 30th be the new 4th of July? Up for debate, but this imminent new film has definitely made some noise even with just one Instagram post. So what are you waiting for? Clear your calendars and you can count on us for any updates on this comedic masterpiece.