Get Ready for New Netflix Comedy 'Single All the Way'


| LAST UPDATE 10/08/2021

By Molly Houghton
Single All the Way
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Get ready because a hilarious Netflix holiday movie is coming our way. The streaming site's first-ever LGBT Christmas film will hit our screens soon, so here's everything to know about the highly-anticipated rom-com.

Michael Uri Netflix comedy
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This year, Netflix won't be singing Jingle All the Way because it's all about Single All the Way. Like many holiday movies, the plot revolves around one very single person who will likely end up in love. But for the first time in the streaming site's history, this Christmas flick features a gay romance as its central plot. The film will follow Peter (Michael Urie) as he travels home for the holidays with his best friend Nick (Philemon Chambers).

The twist? The two friends pretend to date because Peter is tired of being nagged by his family for being single. But there's more to it: Peter's mom Carole (Kathy Najimy) wants to set up her son with spin instructor James (Luke MacFarlane). Making things extra spicy will be Peter's single Aunt Sandy, played by the one-and-only Jennifer Coolidge. So what can we expect from the upcoming project? Luckily, Michael Urie shared some insights.

Netflix gay christmas movie
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"You can expect pageantry, wine, hunky Santas, a little bit of deception, a whole lotta do-gooding, and Jennifer Coolidge," Urie told Entertainment Weekly. "My parents are played by Barry Bostwick and Kathy Najimy - a combination that scientists agree can only produce sons who are gay and love Christmas. Peter's the kind of Guncle who has spent many Christmases perfecting choreography to a Britney Spears Christmas song with his nieces. And it is perfect." This guy already has us laughing!

Netflix LGBT holiday comedy
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The actor also shared some more details about the protagonist's personality. "Peter is a self-described plant-gay - he has a fern named Judith - trapped in a social media job he doesn't love and is always single when he goes home for the holidays," Urie detailed. It can't get any more relatable than that.

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Jennifer Coolidge Netflix Comedy
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"Like any good Christmas movie, there will be decorating, there will be mistletoe, there will be sleeveless flannel," he continued. "But never have you witnessed a town Christmas Pageant cast with children, written/produced/directed by and starring Jennifer Coolidge. It's the gayest thing to happen to Christmas since Mariah!"

The very gay Christmas movie will premiere on Netflix this December 2nd.