Netflix Announces Nicole Byer's First Hour-Long Special


| LAST UPDATE 08/10/2021

By Molly Houghton
Nicole Byer Netflix Special
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Get ready to laugh and then laugh some more because Nicole Byer is coming back to our screens. And this time, she won't be sharing the limelight. Here's everything we know about the comedian's first hour-long special.

Nicole Byer Shows, Book
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Byer is a triple threat as far as comedians go: the comic icon is an actress, television host, podcaster, and author. She kicked off her career in MTV's Girl Code and later starred in her own series, Loosely Exactly Nicole (which we highly recommend). Nicole also hosts a podcast, Why Won't You Date Me? and it's as funny as it sounds.

Nicole Byer Comedy Special
Instagram via @nicolebyer

But the hilarious gal shot to fame as the host of Netflix's Nailed It!, an LOL-worthy reality series where participants compete to seek redemption in the kitchen. Byer went down in comedy history in 2020 when she became the first Black woman to ever be nominated for an Emmy Award in the reality host category.

Nicole has been making audiences laugh for years now, so it's hardly surprising that she's finally getting her own hour-long stand-up special. Netflix announced on August 9th that the show is set to be filmed at New York's Gramercy Theater on September 5th, and will air sometime after. While there's no official release date yet, the streaming site assured it will premiere sometime in 2021.

Netflix Stand-up specials
Instagram via @nicolebyer

"I'm so f***ing excited to do this. I'm so grateful that Netflix is giving me a nice lil platform to have some fun tee hee," Byer gushed in a statement. She also took to Instagram to share her excitement. "I'm shooting my first 1 hour stand up special in New York," the star wrote. "CAN YOU F***ING BELIEVE IT? I CANT! IM OVER THE F***ING MOON!"

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New Comedy Special Netflix
Instagram via @nicolebyer

But it's not Byer's first time showing off those stage skills on the small screen. The actress previously starred in a 30-minute stand-up episode for 2019's Comedians of the World. And considering what she brought to the table back then, we feel pretty comfortable setting our expectations quite high. It's too bad that, at the moment, tickets are already sold out!