The Most-Tweeted TV Comedy of 2022 (So Far)


| LAST UPDATE 03/21/2022

By Lily Tipton
Abbott Elementary Quinta Brunson
Greg Chow/Shutterstock

We know it's only March, and it may be soon to declare a winner, but we thought it was worth noting that, according to Variety, the ABC hit "Abbott Elementary" has been the subject of over 1.5 million posts on Twitter. This figure makes it the most-talked-about comedy series on Twitter for this year! So what are the people saying? And what's causing all the buzz? Don't worry; we've reviewed it all, so you don't need to read through all 1.5 million tweets.

The mockumentary-style show follows a passionate second-grade teacher in Philadelphia, working tirelessly to give her students the best education despite the lack of funding available and her challenging boss. Fans, including celebrities like Kerry Washington and Jada Pinkett Smith, have been going crazy for the loveable characters, hilariously relatable moments, and lighthearted humor. Furthermore, the Black Twitter community has displayed their overwhelming support for the show. "It's been immediately embedded into pop culture through memes of the cast, GIFs, and moments that we can all relate to," referring to Principal Ava: "We've all had a boss like that," said Yair Blanco, Twitter's senior manager of multicultural partnerships. 

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And once the memes are created, fans are excitingly retweeting their favorites, exploding the show's buzz further and increasing its tweeting figures. "The magic of Abbott Elementary is that it's a show that's crossed the threshold of only existing in one moment," said Blanco. "We see people live-tweeting when it's airing on ABC when it's on Hulu the next day, in-between episodes and eagerly anticipating its return while the show is on hiatus."

Abbott Elementary season two
MICHAEL TRAN / Contributor via Getty Images

The actors in the show have also benefited from this fame and fortune, each gaining thousands more followers to boast about. The show's creator and central star, Quinta Brunson, has added 95,000 more followers since the show's first release on December 7, 2021. Similarly, Janelle James, who plays Principle Ava Coleman, has gained 60,000 followers. That's a 181% increase! In terms of the show itself, the @AbbottElemABC account on Twitter has gone up in followers by 728%!! Abbott Elementary has secured a season two, but no release date has been announced. Stay tuned...

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