Boo! What To Expect From the Upcoming Monsters, Inc. Sequel


| LAST UPDATE 06/30/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Monsters inc, sequel, disney+

You may want to check those bedroom closets because our favorite Boogeymen are officially back: Mike Wazowski and Sulley are headed to our screens very soon. Only this time, they'll be doing things slightly differently. Here's what to know about the upcoming Monsters, Inc. sequel...

Monsters inc, sequel, disney+

Titled Monsters at Work, we'll be watching our favorite monsters do what they do best - make us laugh. But we're not the only ones they'll be getting a chuckle out of. This time around, Monstropolis' finest won't be traumatizing any little children. Instead, the monsters will be whipping out their best knock-knock jokes in hopes of putting a smile on their faces. Yep, not a typo...

Monsters at work, disney+

But we're not the only ones who didn't see that one coming. *Enter Tylor Tuskman.* During the film, we'll watch the recent Monsters University grad have his high hopes of becoming a "scarer" come to a sudden halt. Why? As he soon learns, the Monstropolis power company has begun harvesting laughter instead. But while we'll clearly be exploring lots of new doors, there's one that's since been sealed shut...

As seen above, "Boo does not make an appearance in the series," executive producer Bobs Gannaway revealed. We know what you're thinking: How can you have Monsters, Inc. without the toddler who started it all? But don't worry, there's actually a good reason for the shocking decision.

Monsters inc, boo, sequel
Monsters, Inc. (2001) Disney/Pixar - IMDb

"The relationship between Boo and Sulley is so precious and so wonderful that we want to leave it to the world to have their own interpretation of how that relationship continued and not define it," Gannaway continued. "Let the world have that." How sweet. We're intrigued to see how Mike and Sulley will get on without their partner in crime.

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monsters inc, sequel, dinsey+

Lucky for us, we’ll be finding that one out soon enough. Our furry friends will be returning to the screen on Wednesday, July 7, exclusively on Disney+. “It’s actually quite emotional, and it’s really funny. And all these new characters just breathe the whole new life into the family of Monsters, Inc.,” Billy Crystal (“Mike”) gushed.