Mindy Kaling Reveals What Inspired 'Never Have I Ever'


| LAST UPDATE 01/24/2023

By Molly Houghton
Mindy Kaling Netflix Comedy
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Season 2 of Mindy Kaling's coming-of-age comedy Never Have I Ever recently premiered, and let's just say, it's got us talking (and laughing). Now the creator sat down to discuss what inspired the hilarious new batch of episodes. Plus, Mindy gave us a little insight into Legally Blonde 3. Here are all of the details.

Never Have I Ever
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Don't worry; if you still haven't watched the latest season of the hit Netflix show, we won't give any spoilers that aren't already in the trailer. Never Have I Ever's Season 2 revolves around protagonist Devi Vishwakumar as she balances having not one but two boyfriends. And things take a tragic turn when all of a sudden, the funny high schooler is no longer the only Indian-American girl in town.

Check out the trailer for yourself above. It certainly prepared us for a hysterical and thought-provoking second season, and Mindy Kaling's creation did not disappoint. And now, the talented comedian is sharing how her own experiences inspired Never Have I Ever's latest plots. "I really wanted to create like an original character with like original stories, but of course, that had some relation to some parts of my childhood," the 42-year-old explained.

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"And I think a lot of her personality and her sense of injustice, like Devi has a real sense of, 'I deserve this,' and that really rings true to me," Mindy continued before getting into the specifics of Season 2. "We were really interested when we were writing it, about this idea that when you enter a room as a person of color, you often have this feeling that you're like, 'It can only be one of us,' and that fear that you'll be replaced."

Mindy Kaling Season 2
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Kaling added, "So that was, I think, super relatable to people, and I'd never seen a story like that." We never had, either, but boy are we glad we did now! It's certainly been a busy year for the award-winning actress-producer. Not only did Mindy join the crew for Netflix's upcoming NBA-inspired comedy, but she is also writing Legally Blonde 3, the highly-anticipated sequel to our beloved pop culture classic - which, by the way, just turned 20!

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Legally Blonde 3 Mindy
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"I'm having a great time writing it," Mindy shared. "It is the most corporate gig I've ever had, so I literally can't talk about it at all, but I hope we do a good job." We feel pretty confident that Kaling will bring her A-game to this script and have us smiling from ear to ear. In the meantime, we'll be over here reminiscing with these 29+ Untold Secrets from the 2001 film.