Melissa McCarthy to Star in New Netflix Comedy 'The Starling'


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Kayla Black
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Melissa McCarthy is due to take to the screen for yet another Netflix Original comedy, The Starling, directed by Theodore Melfi. McCarthy (Lilly) will star alongside Chris O'Dowd (Jack), Kevin Kline (Larry), and Timothy Olyphant (Travis) in the film, and we personally can't wait to see her on our screens again!

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As far as we know, the film is currently in post-production and could be released at any time from now until the end of the year. Don't worry - we promise to keep you updated on everything we know as more develops! But, for now, here's the tea: The movie is focused on a married couple who are forced to deal with hardship...

Melissa McCarthy Netflix Movie
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And, as they deal with the grief of their situation, Lilly runs into troubles in the couple's own backyard. A starling bird that nests in the area around the garden begins to harass Melissa's character, and she becomes obsessed with the idea of killing the animal to regain her sanity.

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McCarthy soon gains guidance from Klien (Larry), a psychologist-turned-vet with an interesting past of his own. The two form a friendship and help each other accept, confront, and grow from their individual experiences. From this, Lilly regains the ability to tap into her emotions, and the rest, we'll have to watch to find out!

Melissa McCarthy Netflix Original
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This film comes after McCarthy's previous 2021 release, Thunder Force, where she stars alongside Octavia Spencer as two best friends turned superheroes who take down the world's supervillains. As the pair protected their city in the flick, we can imagine McCarthy was staying busy...

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Melissa McCarthy The Starling
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...As filming for The Starling likely began before the prior was finished! We guess we'll just have to rewatch Thunder Force or Melissa's other recent hits, like Superintelligence and The Kitchen, until her new film takes the screen. Nevertheless, whenever it comes around, we'll be ready for it. Because let's be real, who else is ready for some more McCarthy comedic magic? We know we sure are!