Melissa McCarthy's 'SNL' Ranch Dressing Scandal Revealed


| LAST UPDATE 06/11/2023

By Riley Hammond
Melissa McCarthy SNL hilarious
Don Arnold / Contributor via Getty Images

Melissa McCarthy recently spilled the beans about her legendary 'Hidden Valley Ranch' sketch on Saturday Night Live. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly's "3 Rounds," McCarthy shared some juicy details that have us all in stitches.

In the sketch, McCarthy played Linda, a ranch dressing enthusiast who gets a little too carried away during a taste test. Instead of delicately sampling the dressing with a spoon like a civilized person, she decides to chug it down, causing a hilarious explosion of condiment all over her face. But here's the twist: that explosion wasn't actually Hidden Valley Ranch. Gasp! McCarthy revealed, with a twinkle in her eye and all due respect to the brand, that it was actually a yogurt drink. Yes, you read that right. Linda was dousing herself in yogurt, not ranch dressing. Talk about a dairy disaster!

Melissa McCarthy SNL sketch
Lars Niki / Contributor via Getty Images
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According to McCarthy, when you're "shotgunning" a yogurt drink, it's pretty similar to guzzling down ranch dressing. In fact, she confessed that she might have even preferred the real thing. "When I think about it, I kinda really love ranch," McCarthy admitted. Who knew yogurt and ranch could be interchangeable? Maybe we should start a new trend and dip our veggies in yogurt! But this wasn't McCarthy's first encounter with the ranch-obsessed Linda. She revealed that she had actually created the character for a comedy troupe before her SNL days. "At the time, I was like, 'This will be a great idea,'" she confessed. However, after performing the sketch three times a week, she realized that downing yogurt on command wasn't as easy as it seemed. Who would have thought?

And let's not forget about McCarthy's husband, Ben Falcone, who had some choice words about her commitment to the role. Apparently, he couldn't resist poking fun at her dedication, especially when she willingly put that yogurt drink in her eyes. Now that's true love and support right there! So, next time you watch Melissa McCarthy's hilarious ranch-filled extravaganza on SNL, remember that it wasn't ranch at all—it was yogurt. And as Linda would say, "there's a Hidden Valley Ranch party in my mouth." Well, a yogurt party, that is. Comedy can be messy, folks, but Melissa McCarthy knows how to make us laugh, even if it means getting a little dairy in her eyes. No pride? None at all, and never has been!

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