Maya Rudolph’s ‘Loot’ Renewed for Season 2


| LAST UPDATE 07/19/2022

By Tabitha Woodcock
Maya Rudolph Loot Apple TV
Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images via Getty Images

Maya Rudolph, Bridesmaids and SNL's favorite, is now the face of Apple TV's newest hit comedy show, Loot. The show first premiered on June 24th, 2022, and after just eight episodes, the series has already been approved for a second season. While Rudolph has a flare to draw in audiences with her incredible comedic talent, the show is completed with a variety of cast members and characters who have created a rib-tickling series for the Sunday night binges.

Here's everything to know about the series so far. The plot entails the soul-searching story of billionaire Molly Novak (Rudolph), who discovers "tech baron" husband John (Adam Scott), has been having an affair after 20 years of marriage. Her high-status relationship fiasco quickly takes over every celebrity headline, causing Molly to hit "rock bottom." Yet, a quick phone call encourages a turn of events, as Molly finds out about her charity, which she ends up using to "embark on a journey of self-discovery" and "prove her substance." Now that's a 'loothole' to success. The exaggerated bubble outside of reality enhances the humorous nature of the show. While Emmy Award winner, Rudolph, has experienced her fair share of luxury living, Novak's daily activities of yachting, dealing with attentive staff, and walking around the perimeter of her mansion with no care in the world take the cake.

Maya Rudolph Apple TV Loot
Apple TV via YouTube
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Viewers witness billionaire turn philanthropist with the help of "no nonsense" Sofia Salinas (Michaela Jaé Rodriguez). Nothing is better than two polar opposite characters who end up needing each other more than ever. From Rudolph to Nat Faxon and Joel Kim Booster, the brilliant cast is a creative genius production inspired by Jeff Bezos's family. That's right, from Amazon executive to Apple TV inspiration, the philanthropic and entrepreneurial plot takes a toll on the new comedy. So Molly Novak is starting to sound a lot like MacKenzie Scott. Still, viewers have no issue with the copywritten storyline as it has "captured the hearts of global audiences." Considering Rudolph's comedic track record, we can't think of anyone better to suit this role, and no one is complaining about a series renewal.

There must be something extra special about Loot if season 2 was announced after episode 5 premiered. Rudolph, too, was super confident in her role as Novak and turned down other show-stopping thrillers such as Killing Eve, where she would have worked alongside Sandra Oh. Thanks to creators Alan Yang, Matt Hubbard, and the entire production team, the show has been "filled with captivating and endearing characters, and hilarious and heartwarming moments throughout each episode." Though a date has not been confirmed, season 2 is just around the corner, with more Molly Novak iconic moments coming to our screens. 

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