Maya Rudolph's Hilarious Return To SNL


| LAST UPDATE 03/29/2021

By Molly Houghton
Maya Rudolph SNL Host
Jean Baptiste Lacroix / Stringer via Getty Images

After what felt like a very long one-month hiatus, Saturday Night Live came back to our screens with a brand new episode featuring the one-and-only Maya Rudolph. Here are some of the comedic icon's funniest moments.

Maya Rudolph Hosts SNL
Frederick M. Brown / Stringer via Getty Images

Former Saturday Night Live cast member Maya Rudolph returned to 30 Rockefeller Plaza's Studio 8H for a hilarious night of sketches. "Some of you may know me because, well, I used to work here," the actress said before giving a sweet shout-out to her four children who sat in the audience. Rudolph was a regular SNL star from 2000-2007 before leaving the show. But the funny gal has since been back as both a host in 2012 and to play the recurring character of Vice President Kamala Harris for the past year.

"Just a heads up to my kids: tonight, mommy's gonna put on a lot of wigs, okay, and do a lot of weird voices. So it's just gonna be like a typical day at home... I'll just be wearing a bra," Maya continued in the night's opening monologue. The comedian then had the series' newest cast members join her on the stage to hilariously shame the rookies.

Perhaps the most LOL-worthy sketch of the night was "Hot Ones, the show where celebrities answer hot questions while eating even hotter wings." Rudolph appeared as Beyoncé, a role she played many times between 2000 and 2007. "I still can't tell if this is beneath me. But my sister Solange loves the show, so I said I'd do it," the Bridesmaids actress said, dressed in Beyonce's killer Grammy's look from a few weeks ago. The funny sketch ended with Mrs. Carter getting overwhelmed from all of the hot wings and asking her stylist to put ice cubes on her head before exiting the set about a minute later.

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In "The Maya-ing," a spoof of Jack Nicholson's The Shining, the 48-year-old visits the ghosts of SNL's past while learning new (and eery) changes that have taken place at Studio 8H since the pandemic started. Rudolph was joined by other former cast members, including the one-and-only Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch, as well as the show's longest-tenured cast member, Kenan Thompson.