Mary Beth Barone's Hilarious Takeover on 'The Tonight Show'


| LAST UPDATE 10/17/2021

By Scarlett Adler
Mary Beth Barone Comedy
Instagram via @marybethbarone

Hilarious comedian, actress, and writer/producer Mary Beth Barone took over The Tonight Show stage on March 24th. This was her first time appearing on stage with Jimmy Fallon, but from her relaxed stature and flowing jokes, onlookers couldn't tell the difference!

Barone cracked jokes about her tumultuous dating life during the special, which was recently complicated even more when the global pandemic kept her from meeting her British prince charming. While she reports loving children, she seems to have run into trouble with a younger family member.

Tonight Show MaryBeth Barone
Instagram via @marybethbarone

Alongside Fallon, Connecticut-born Baron spilled the tea about her beef with her 6-year-old nephew. While she dotes on her nieces, her one nephew has called her out on occasion. "Why does she always act like a child?" the toddler asked his mother. Barone, not amused, tried her best to turn a new leaf.

Her dry sarcasm cracked up The Tonight Show audience and kept everyone on their toes. Mary Beth shared that while she might not have the privilege of having a trust fund awaiting her in the future, she was, in fact, born into an unlimited data phone plan. And, that's good enough for her!

Mary Beth Barone Fallon
Instagram via @marybethbarone

On Tuesday, employees and guests were allowed into the NBC studio for the event, and it seemed to make a stark difference in the atmosphere of the production. While Barone plans her next stage appearance, she has kept herself busy with other creative ventures.

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Mary Beth is the host of Drag His Ass, a "Live comedy show about f***boys and the culture," according to the Instagram page. The show is coming to Comedy Central in 2021, and from the many comments on social media, fans are excited! Until it airs, we'll be surfing through her latest collection.

For those who could use a new shirt, hat, or sticker, look no further than Mary Beth's clothing line! With her friend, Jake Morris, Barone spiced up her merch with some fun items! "All my crop tops are in the wash," reads one t-shirt. From comedy to clothing, Mary Beth has proven she can do it all!