Nick Jonas Surprises Wife in ‘Love Again’ Trailer


| LAST UPDATE 02/15/2023

By Riley Hammond
Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas
Samir Hussein / Contributor via Getty Images

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are set to team up on the big screen in Love Again - a film all about getting a second chance at love! Here's what you can expect to see in the upcoming rom-com.

It was the news that everyone had been waiting for: Priyanka Chopra and Sam Heughan dropped an iconic trailer of their upcoming flick Love Again - and it's set to be a major event. Not only will Chopra get her long-awaited return to Hollywood with this movie but she is also accompanied by none other than music legend Celine Dion! We can't wait to see what these superstars got cookin'. Social media went wild over the trailer launch, as users eagerly shared their hype for the upcoming release. One person wrote, "2000 is the year I've seen Priyanka for the first time and 2001 is the year I first watched her acting in Tamil language... She has grown so much as an actress and achieved a level only one or two could dream.. I absolutely adore her and her personality. Love the way she talks and carries herself. Definitely someone who's worthy to look upto.. I wish nothing but best wishes to the whole team, this looks awesome.."

Nick Jonas Priyanka Chopra Movie
Rich Fury / Staff via Getty Images
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Another fan excitedly wrote, "I loved it! She, as an actress, is one of the best, loved Sam and Celine as well, but the most surprising thing was Nick's cameo, like I knew before that Nick had a cameo, but that Scene was so unexpected." The third one said, "As an Indian who grew up watching Priyanka and also a huge Outlander fan, I'm so excited to watch PC and Sam on screen together, and it looks like a funny and heartwarming movie, and new music from Celine and that cameo from Nick?!?" 

The romantic comedy follows the story of Mira Ray as she navigates life and loss after the passing of her fiancé. In a magical twist, when Mira sends texts meant for him to an old cell phone number - unbeknownst to her, it has been reassigned-- journalist Rob Burns (played by Sam Heughan) responds back… and let's just say he won't be stopping there! Even better? Celine Dion is joining this lovefest too -- playing herself onscreen for the first time ever -- hoping that some sweet singing will help make sure sparks fly between these two star-crossed lovers! Until then, stay tuned.

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