Lindsay Lohan to Return to Our Screens in Upcoming Romantic Comedy


| LAST UPDATE 05/25/2021

By Scarlett Adler
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It's the most wonderful time of the year, and we've actually got Lindsay Lohan to thank for that. In only a matter of time, the actress will be returning to our screens in a Christmas-themed romantic comedy. And right in time for the holiday season! Here's what we know so far...

Lindsay Lohan New Movie
Instagram via @lindsaylohan

For starters, the Just My Luck actress will be starring as a "newly engaged and spoiled hotel heiress," as Netflix revealed. Only things take a turn when she ends up in a life-changing skiing accident. After losing her memory, the holiday goer finds herself in the care of a blue-collar lodge owner and his daughter.

As for what happens next? We guess we'll have to wait to find out. Unfortunately, that wait might be longer than we expected. As Variety reported, the seasonal film will only start production in November. In other words? Don't expect to be tuning in when December 25th comes rolling around this year.

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Instagram via @lindsaylohan

But don't worry. While the upcoming comedy probably won't be hitting our screens until 2022, we've got plenty of other adventures to hold us over in the meantime. From her 2019 supernatural thriller, Among the Shadows, to Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club, it seems the child-star has been quite busy these days.

Lindsay Lohan, Netflix, Movie
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Of course, there's also the Mean Girls reunion which left us with lots of questions this past Fall. "I really wanted to play Regina," Lohan confessed of her time at North Shore High School. And while we all know how that story ends, we can't help but wonder how things would have been if directors had granted the actress's wish. Would she still be wearing army pants and flip-flops?

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In all seriousness, we can't wait to tag along on Lohan's latest adventure. And if it's anything like we've seen before? We're sure her upcoming romantic comedy will be very fetch (we had to).

Stay tuned.