Lindsay Lohan Pays Homage to 'Mean Girls' in Hilarious Ad


| LAST UPDATE 07/04/2022

By Lily Tipton
Lindsay Lohan, Allbirds Ad
James Gourley via Getty Images

Lindsay Lohan became a household name with her films The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, undoubtedly crediting these roles for her career and fame. So, when the marketing directors at Allbirds running shoes hired Lohan for their latest ad, it made sense they would reference her most memorable career moments and ensure the product stayed in people's minds. From Oreos and peanut butter to pink Wednesday references, here are all the not-so-subtle Easter Eggs stuffed into the one-minute clip...

Titled "The Unexpected Athlete," the video opens to a bedroom with peanut butter and Oreos out on the bedside table. Whose favorite snack was this? Oh yes, Hallie Parker and Annie James in The Parent Trap, the identical twins, both played Lohan as a child! Then, an adult Lohan appears in the bathroom, brushing her teeth and discussing her surprising new position as Allbirds' spokesperson. 

Lindsay, Lohan, Mean, Girls
Michael Gibson/Paramount/Kobal via Shutterstock
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"I didn't run track in high school — I was more of a mathlete," she says, giving a shoutout to her Mean Girls character, Cady Heron, who competed in Mathematic competitions. Walking past a poster of Africa, she subliminally references Herons' home continent. A second poster with the words "Where Dreams Have No End" notes the memorable song in The Parent Trap soundtrack. "So I get it; as a running spokesperson, I guess I'm a little unexpected," she continues to say as she walks down the stairs towards her sneaker collection and picks up the pink pair. "Well, it is Wednesday!" she says into the camera with a smirk, knowing the crowd will go crazy for the "On Wednesdays we wear pink" reference from Mean Girls.

"These don't just look cute; they're made with natural materials," she explains. "Always avoid the plastics!" she chimes, referencing the popular 'plastics' crew that Heron regrettably became a part of. Last and certainly not least, she references her previously viral moment when she pronounced her name differently than the world and caused an internet meltdown. "Perfect for a queen bee like Lindsay Low-en — or is it Lindsay LOW-han?" Someone give the marketing team at Allbirds a raise because we're buying whatever they're selling!

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