Kumail Nanjiani and Jonathan Van Ness Are the Only Game of Thrones Recap You Need

Taran Underwood

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So you've poured through every message board, recap, and interview, and you still feel like you need even more Game of Thrones content in your life. This is a completely normal and healthy feeling, and Queer Eye's Jonathan Van Ness is here for you with his Gay of Thrones series, produced by Funny or Die. If you haven't caught the series before, you're missing out, but even if you have heard of it, it's extremely important that you're made aware of Kumail Nanjiani's guest appearance on the series. The Silicon Valley favorite had some classic gamer takes, and even got Van Ness to share his (not even that limited) gaming experience. It's a veritable romp, ladies and gents, enjoy.