Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo Share How 'Bridesmaids' Inspired Their New Movie

Molly Houghton

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Comedic stars Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo will be sharing the screen again in their upcoming film, Barb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar. The funny women shared how the iconic Bridesmaids movie influenced their new comedy.

The latest film is about two best friends, Barb (Mumolo) and Star (Wiig), who are setting off on a road trip. The twist is this: the two ladies have never left their small, Midwestern town. The protagonists are in for a big surprise as they explore the world. Kristen and Annie wrote the screenplay and shared how their 2011 hit inspired the new movie.

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"When we were writing Bridesmaids, we would go off on tangents when writing scenes between Lillian (Maya Rudolph's character) and her mom," the actresses explained. "None of those scenes made it in the movie because they had nothing to do with anything!"

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While those scenes didn't make the final cut, the character of Lillian's mom had a long-lasting influence on the friends - it inspired their latest roles as Barb and Star. "We would talk in those voices all the time, and we couldn't stop!" they shared.

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As forBarb and Star Go To Vista Del Mar, the stars believe that audiences can expect to have a good time and lots of laughs while watching the film. "It definitely doesn't take itself too seriously," Wiig said. "We hope to make people laugh and have fun. That's what it's about!"

"The best gift is being able to work with friends. The cast was incredible, and we got so lucky," the comedic icons continued. "Except for our wigs. They weren't always easy to work with. Very difficult." Barb and Star will be released on February 12 on digital rental services.